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best books about animals for kids

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Animals are so fun to learn about for both children and adults.  My children have taught me so many new animals that I’ve never known about through books.  We place the highest precedence on reading in our home — and I believe that if you read to your child, they will become a lifelong reader!!  Here is our collection of best animals books about animals for kids!


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We absolutely love animals around here.  Children learn through books — and especially exciting books like ones that invite littles ones to lift the flaps, peek at the secrets behind the pages, expand the pages, as well as collect and learn with stickers.  All of these books are from PaperPie!


Picture of Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Animals IR

Lift the Flap Questions and Answers about Animals: Many children are fascinated by animals and this engaging flap book will answer lots of their questions. With entertaining and informative illustrations and over 50 flaps to lift and look beneath.

Picture of World of Animals IL

World of Animals: This beautifully illustrated hardback book with dust-jacket cover is a wonderful addition to any young animal enthusiast’s library! Simple, yet informative text combines with extraordinary photographs, maps, animal facts, classification charts and animal icons to help locate different species.

Picture of 1,000 Animals

1000 Animals: A delightful word book showing exactly one thousand animals, each individually named and lovingly illustrated. Every double page includes an array of animals to pore over, from dinosaurs to dogs. A wonderful book to share together, perfect for young animal lovers, and an excellent way for children to add lots of words to their spoken vocabulary.

Picture of Peek Inside Animal Homes

Peek Inside Animal Homes: Peek inside burrows, hives and treetops, and even under the sea, to find all kinds of animals in their homes.

Picture of Big Book of Big Animals

Big Book of Big Animals: From the mighty elephant to the amazing colossal squid, open the huge fold-out pages to reveal some of the tallest, longest and heaviest animals in the world-and discover the biggest animal that’s ever lived.

Picture of Step-by-Step Drawing Animals

Step by Step Drawing Animals: Discover how to draw lots of different animals in this delightful book. There’s lots of space for you to draw in, so follow the simple step-by-step instructions and start drawing.

Picture of Deadly Animals

Deadly Animals: Which snake has a bite that can kill in seconds? What makes leopards fearsome night hunters? Is a tiger shark deadlier than a killer whale? Where can you find the world’s most dangerous spiders? From tropical sharks to tiny insects with lethal bites, deadly animals can be found in every region of the globe. This book uncovers the incredible poisons, weapons and senses that make some animals natural born killers.

Picture of Dangerous Animals (Level 1) - IR

Dangerous Animals: How do crocodiles attack? Why do hippos fight? And how do funnelweb spiders kill their prey? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more about the wild world of dangerous animals.

Picture of Poisonous Animals

Poisonous Animals: These books will give you a surprising amount of information, and tell you all you need to know about the many different types of poisonous animals and pandas and how and where they live. Part of the Usborne Beginners series, an amazing collection of information books with an easy-reading text.

Picture of Night Animals (Level 1) - IR

Night Animals: Which animals come out at night? How do they find food in the dark? Where do they go during the day? In this book, you’ll find the answers and lots more about the secret world of night animals.

Picture of 1001 Animals to Spot Sticker Book

1001 Animals to Spot Sticker Book: From lambs on the farm to armadillos in the rainforest, this book is teeming with animals to find and habitats to explore. Little spotters can keep track of all their finds using the over 230 stickers in the middle of the book.

Picture of 1001 Animals to Spot

1001 Animals to Spot:  Teeming with animals to find, count and talk about, this bright picture book provides hours of puzzle-solving fun.

Picture of Animal Sticker Book

Animal Sticker Book: Children will enjoy fixing the animal picture stickers onto the correct animal. A great way to become familiar with different animals.

Picture of Flippy Floppy Farm Animals
Farm Animals Flippy Floppy: A book filled with surprises! Some of the animals are hiding, and there’s only one way to find them. Lift each flap in turn and discover something unexpected! Full of fun and great for beginning readers to learn to sequence from left to right.

Picture of Animal Doodles

Animal Doodles Activity Cards: A brand new set of cards containing simple animal-themed doodleactivities to keep little children busy.The cards are wipe clean and the pack includes a special pen, making the pack entirely self contained, easily portable and a great gift.  The cards are strong and durable, ensuring repeated use.

Picture of My First Big Sticker Book of Animals CV

My First Big Sticker Book of Animals: A big, fun sticker book ideal for young children learning about animals. Includes over 450 stickers to add to the pages. This book contains four First Sticker titles: Animals, Pets, Zoo and Under the Sea.

Picture of Great Animal Search

The Great Animal Search: Every double page shows a different part of the world including the scorching Sahara, the icy Arctic, the Florida swamps and the Great Barrier reef with around 100 animals waiting to be found in each. Full of fascinating animal facts and countless hours of puzzle-solving fun.

Picture of Animal Stories for Bedtime

Animal Stories for Bedtime: A collection of classic stories featuring a host of much-loved animal characters in a beautifully illustrated story book, perfect for sharing with children at bedtime. How did the elephant get its trunk? Can three little pigs escape from the big, bad wolf? And is the sky really falling on Chicken Licken? Includes well-known folktales from around the world. With a clothbound spine and ribbon marker, this luxury edition makes a lovely gift to be shared together time and time again.

Picture of First Dot-to-Dot Animals

Dot-to-Dot Animals: A colorful dot-to-dot book for young children. All pictures can be completed using the numbers 1 to 10 so these books are suitable for children who are just beginning to count and recognize numbers.

Picture of Animal Alphabet Activity Book

Animal Alphabet Activity Book: From alligators to zebras, children will meet a menagerie of weird and wonderful animals as they explore the alphabet in this wacky write-in activity book. Packed with puzzles and things to talk about, including over 120 coloring, doodling and brainteasing activities to enjoy. Spot a horse at the hairdressers, help an ostrich through an obstacle course, pair up kangaroos with their kites and lots more! A fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet, as well as build phonemic awareness and develop pen control.

Picture of Beginners Animals Collection (10)

Beginners Animals Collection: This amazing collection of non-fiction books includes the hardback editions of the following titles: Bears, Cats, Dogs, Elephants, Farm Animals, Horses & Ponies, Monkeys, Owls, Penguins, and Wolves!  All of these books can also be purchased individually.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best books about animals for kids!!  Children love learning about animals from the sea, the land, and the sky! If you’re interested in learning how you can get some of these books for FREE by hosting a Facebook party, please contact me at the button below! :)


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