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best books about farms for kids

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We absolutely love reading about the farm.  So here is our list of best books about farms for kids.  Since we live right next to a farm, it is only fitting to have reading material to educate ourselves (and have so much fun!) learning about the animals and equipment on a farm!

best books about farms for kids

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We absolutely love farm around here.  We are blessed to live next to a cow pasture, wheat and soy fields, and also to have fresh eggs, milk, and veggies down our road!  In the summertime, we live everything “farm!”  So, here is our list of absolute best books to read to children about farms!!  Children learn through lifting the flaps, peeking at the secrets behind the pages, expanding the pages, as well as collecting and learning with stickers.  All of these books are from PaperPie!


Picture of Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (C/V) + CD

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (with cd!): My son’s absolute favorite.  He will listen and read this book for an hour. This delightful book contains all 20 of the popular Farmyard Tales stories. Young children will love Stephen Cartwright’s charming illustrations of life on Apple Tree Farm, and the gently amusing stories of Mrs. Boot, the farmer, her children Poppy and Sam, and their animals, Rusty the dog, Curly the pig and Woolly the sheep.

Picture of Peek Inside the Farm

Peek Inside the Farm: Peek inside barns, and behind gates to find baby lambs, busy tractors, and lots more on the farm in this delightful and sturdy book — part of a five book series!

Picture of My Farm Animal World
My Farm Animal World Baby Book Collection: This collection of nine tiny board books is perfect for little hands and for young children learning about farm animals. Each book is beautifully illustrated and designed to encourage beginning readers.

Picture of 1001 Things to Spot on the Farm

1001 Things to Spot on the Farm: This charming picture book shows scenes from farms around the world, and on every page, there are dozens of things to spot. The detailed pictures provide hours of looking and talking, and dedicated spotters will be unable to put the book down until they have found all the water buffaloes in the rice fields, the cocoa pods on the tropical farm, or eight lambs on the sheep farm. Counting sheep has never been so much fun!

Picture of Wipe-Clean Farm Activities

Wipe Clean Farm Activities: This delightful book is a perfect way for young children to develop their counting, observation and pen control skills.

Picture of Farm Animals (Level 1) - IR

Farm Animals: How do pigs keep cool? Why do farmers shear their sheep? Which farm animals live underwater? In this Level 1 Reader book, you’ll find the answers and lots more facts about farm animals around the world.

Picture of First Stencil Cards Farm

First Farm Stencil Cards: Inside this box, you will find 12 simple stencils especially designed for young children to draw around and fill in. Aiding in vocabulary and fine motor skill, as well as creative drawing.

Picture of Noisy Farm

Noisy Farm: This lovely, big board book with a sound panel full of farm animal noises is perfect for sharing with young children. Little fingers will not be able to resist pressing the buttons to make the noises of all the animals on the farm, including a rooster, cow, donkey, pig and a dog.

Picture of Baby's Very First Noisy Book: Farm

Baby’s First Noisy Book Farm: A delightfully musical book, specially designed for sharing together with babies. Press the buttons to hear the tunes and animal noises for each picture, including cows in the field, ducks in the pond, a tractor chugging along and clucking chickens. With bold illustrations and tabs to easily locate their favorite picture, little children will enjoy singing along with the tunes and mimicking the animal sounds.

Picture of Busy Farm

Busy Farm Count to 10: Find and count the animals from 1 to 10 on the very busy farm. As you open the pages one by one, pop-ups gradually appear, until the whole farm is in front of you! Then you can find the 10 little mice; one is hiding in every page. This interactive book encourages language development, promotes math and counting skills and is ideal for both travel and laptime sharing.

Picture of 1001 Things to Spot on the Farm Sticker Book

1001 Things to Spot on the Farm Sticker Book: With over 220 stickers, from lambs and chicks to tomatoes and fields of rice, there’s so much to find and count in the busy farm scenes in this book. Little spotters can keep track of all the things they find using the stickers in the middle of the book.

Picture of Farm Fun

Farm Fun: This delightful activity book is specially designed for sharing with young children. There are lots of ideas for drawing and painting, fingerpainting and cutting and sticking. As well as being fun, the activities will help to develop important skills such as hand control, coordination and concentration.

Picture of First Word Book on the Farm

My First Word Book on the Farm: There are over 270 familiar words in this delightfully illustrated book. Themes include animals, food, farm noises, and things that go.

Picture of On the Farm
What’s Happening on the Farm? This delightful series is designed to amuse young children and stimulate them to talk, encourage them to learn new words and to distinguish visual differences of shape and color. The detailed illustrations provide lots of things to find and count and there is also something out-of-place to spot. The questions on each page are there to suggest starting points for conversations.

Picture of First Dot-to-Dot Farm

First Dot-to-Dot Farm: Little children will love joining the dots and coloring the pictures in this fun farm book. There are stickers to add to every page as well to aid in writing and fine motor skills.

Picture of Flippy Floppy Farm Animals
Flippy Floppy Farm Animals: A book filled with surprises! Some of the animals are hiding, and there’s only one way to find them. Lift each flap in turn and discover something unexpected! Full of fun and great for beginning readers to learn to sequence from left to right.
Picture of Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Farm Playbook

Baby’s Very First Touchy Feely Farm Play Book: A brightly colored, high-contrast, multi-sensory book for babies. Delightful to share, this touchy-feely book will engage even a tiny baby’s attention. Books are vital to children’s education and introducing them at the first possible opportunity helps babies to understand how books work and to love interacting with them. Full of squashy touchy-feely patches, finger-trails and holes which will stimulate small children and provide lots to talk about.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best books about farms for kids!!  Children love learning about dirt and animals and sounds and all the wonder that goes along with the farm — what we eat and how we eat!  If you’re interested in learning how you can get some of these books for FREE by hosting a Facebook party, please contact me at the button below! :)


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