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best preschool books for the letter Bb

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We love books in our house.  We have piles and baskets and shelves and more baskets full of children’s and baby board books.  I have been making better use of our library, but going there only seems to feed my desire to buy the books for myself.  “Oh that was such a wonderful book, I need to buy it!”

Best preschool books for the letter B - Wildflower Ramblings #preschool #reading

I can often be caught scouring garage sales and library sales to buy good, quality used books.  I don’t buy anything that is not high quality because, unfortunately, there are some bad books out there.  Reading anything to your children is a definitely a positive thing, but I like to veer towards books that edify a child’s mind, with strong vocabulary and beautiful illustrations.

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Reading benefits a child’s mind, a child’s speech, a child’s life.  You can read more about why reading is one of the most important things you can do with your baby or child at 10 reasons to read to your child.

I am making a preschool list for all of our favorite books from A to Z.  And here is our list for the Letter B!!  {You can see a detailed explanation for our preschool plans here : next round of the alphabet, for our preschool.

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And here is our list for the Best Preschool Books for the Letter B!


Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey.  Sweet Sal is off to go blueberry picking with her mother on the mountain.  Little does she know that a little bear cub and a mama bear are also on the mountain to eat blueberries!  A sweet mix-up and a lesson in staying close to your mom ensues.  This long black and white picture book held my son’s attention when he was 2. It is perfect and shines.


Little Bear by Elyse Holmelund Minarik is the absolute most tender book for mother and child, I think, that I have come across.  (This, and The Runaway Bunny.)  Four sweet stories about a mama bear and little bear.  I love these kinds of stories — the ones that encourage wonderful relationships between mother and child.  I read this one to John often and he loves the Bear’s space helmet.  You can also see Little Bear’s Visit, Little Bear’s Friend, A Kiss for Little Bear, and Father Bear Comes Home.


The B Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain is a sweet story about a bunch of things that go wrong for a bear on a bike.  Super hilarious and simple and sweet book which should be a staple in every home.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury is a fun chanting book for children.  They travel through the adventures of a family in search of a bear — they travel through wind and water and mud and snow.  One of the best.

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Bunny’s Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown is an adorable book about a little bunny discovering the world around him.  He climbs up from the tunnel to his home and out to see.  Sound comes from the world above!  Birds singing, bees buzzing, the wind howling.

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Blessings Everywhere by Dandi Daley MacKall is a sweet rhyme explaining to the youngest child that God can be seen all around.  He is near in everything we see and do.  I love the reassurance of this book and the sweet, sweet little children that play so nicely together.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle teaches colors and animals to children.  The pictures are vibrant, yet simple, which makes this book an instant love for every child I’ve seen grab hold of it.  This is truly a must for every family’s book collection!


Bumble Bee by Margaret Wise Brown is the sweetest little poem about a sweet bumblebee that you will ever read.  Margaret Wise Brown does amazing things with words and this little book shines.  My son and daughter both love the rumbly, tumbly, bumbly bee :)

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Blueberries for the Queen by Katherine & John Paterson.  My son and I just read this one at the library and he adored it.  It has gorgeous illustrations with a little boy dressed as a knight with a sword, what could be better.  This is heavy on text, so the book is for the older preschooler.  It is based on a true story from the Nazi-era, so there is a lot of rich history in the book.

Billy and Blaze Collection by C. W. Anderson The Billy and Blaze stories are about a little boy, Billy, and his pony, Blaze, who he receives as a birthday gift. The adventures of Billy and Blaze revolve around proper care of the horse, while teaching a lesson.

This timeless before-bed classic is a soothing meander towards the end of an Evening. Beautifully told in gentle rhythmic verse, it leads us through a charming A-to-Z bedtime routine. B is for Bedtime is Margaret Hamilton’s first picture book, and its endearing characters are brought to life by award-winning Anna Pignataro’s adorable illustrations.

Bears Don’t Read! by Emma Chichester Clark Once upon a time, there was a large brown bear who found a book lying under a tree… This exquisite picture book from renowned creator, Emma Chichester Clark, is a magical story of friendship to power the imagination and encourage children (and bears!) towards a lifelong love of reading.

Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett Beast – a beast – plans to eat Dinner – a little boy – at a big feast and sends invitations to all his beastly friends. Readers open the foldout RSVPs to find that everyone is coming (though some do have special dietary requirements)! But don’t worry about Dinner; he’s already got a plan to escape being… dinner.

The Book Without a Story by Carolina Rabei Did you know that all books in the library come to life when everyone has gone home? Follow the adventure of Dusty as he finds his perfect reader and is borrowed for the very first time.

Boy by Phil Cummings The king’s battles with the dragon were always mighty and loud. Boy lived in silence and couldn’t hear the fighting. But Boy could see the fear around him… and how everyone would be much happier without it.

Build Me a Home by Emily Bannister From treehouse to cabin, rocket to skyscraper, this rhyming, rollicking ode celebrates all kinds of abodes but makes clear that where we live together is the best home of all.

I’m (Almost) Never Bored by Anna Milbourne A cardboard box becomes a magical train, the washing machine inspires an imaginary trip into space, a scribbly doodle becomes a hungry spaghetti monster, and ants in the garden lead her into an escapade in the Funny Bug Circus. In a world where children can find entertainment at the touch of a button, it’s ever-more important that they have time to be bored – because that’s where they have the space to come up with their own Really Good Ideas.

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