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bringing literature to life: a felt space monster

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Why make a scary Calvin & Hobbes space monster?  Well, a few reasons….  To start… to capture the joy of a sweet blond-haired, perfect, challenging, wild boy.


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Why did I make this weird looking space monster?  Because my son loves books.  And when he opened up his recent Calvin & Hobbes collection and found the page with a space monster, he got quickly obsessed.  My boy.  When he reads something on the page — he wants to have it.  Play with it.  Become it.  His imagination is never ending — it is over reaching — it is my joy and my life.  Sometimes his adventures will only last for an hour.  Sometimes they’ll last for days.  Either way I want to encourage the worlds he creates in his mind, from his books.


And here is our space monster.  I’d say I did pretty well.  We worked together, deciding what went where, how big, how small.  …. Especially considering that the space monster is actually Calvin’s mom telling him he must eat his dinner.  Oh that Calvin.


Just another way to keep books alive and the adventure alive.  We love felt around here.  You can check out all of our Felt Animals from A to Z here.

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