How can I teach music theory to my child?

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I recently wrote a post about Teaching Music to Little Ones {through Bible Songs with a free printable!} I talked about wanting to become more intentional with teaching music to my son.  He is drawn to music.  He seems to be excelling with it at very early age, and I want to cultivate his love for music in a way that encourages, and doesn’t frustrate, him.

I have decided to be intentional in these areas:

  • Learning names of instruments through studying them and while listening to music
  • Listening to many genres of music: Bible songs, opera, classical, country, lullabies, rock, folk
  • Learning songs every day, to include praise songs and hymns with their words and melodies
  • And beginning to learn music theory

Music theory was incredibly difficult for me when I was in college studying Voice Performance — I didn’t end up graduating with that degree, due to other life circumstances, but I still use my voice to serve others and God at church. Music theory is numbers in time.  It is beautiful and lovely and true — all that I am learning about Classical Education. {Check out my post: What is Classical Education?}.  Music is a part of the seven key elements of Classical Education: the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, Music).

arithmetic = numbers

geometry = numbers in space

music = numbers in time

astronomy = numbers in space and time

I want to deliberately teach my son about notes and chords and dissonance and everything involved with this glorious element of life!!

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 Music for Little Mozarts

But I am not equipped, not on my own.  As much as I’d love to sit down and write my own music program for him, alas, I don’t have the time (and nor would my version be complete enough!)  I went in search for the perfect music program for my little one and I believe I found it with Music for Little Mozarts!

This program was written by several music professors who have PhD’s in Piano. This program is incredibly complete and thorough.  When you order the bag of learning materials, the Deluxe Starter Kit, {which currently is $43.98 on Amazon, on sale from $69.95!!} you will receive:

  • Music Lesson Book 1
  • Music Discovery Book 1
  • Music Workbook 1
  • Music Flashcards 1
  • 2 cds: Music Lessons 1 and Music Discovery 1
  • Mozart Mouse
  • Beethoven Bear
  • Music white board and pen
  • Tote bag to keep everything in


The series starts with a little story about the little stuffed animals — Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear — and how they love to play music.  I could do without this “frill” HOWEVER, my son loves them.  It is so fun for him to have “music lesson time” because he only gets to have them when we are learning music.


Learning music theory and playing beginning piano is the goal of this program.  My son is really drawn to playing guitar (over the piano), however, I believe that any musician should have an elementary knowledge of the piano, so I feel that the first level of these books will serve him very well.  They are labeled for 4 to 6 year olds, and my son can’t yet place his hands on the keys of the piano.  But we are moving very slowly.  So far, we have learned about high and low sounds.  And loud (forte) and soft (piano) sounds!  He loves it!


We are working slowly through both the Lesson and Discovery Books — the cds make the learning even more fun.  I love that they focus on rhythm and volume first, as these are elements of music that little minds — and fingers! — can grasp :)  The workbook is consumable, but my son doesn’t love to color, like some children might, so I will be able to re-use all of these materials for May and any other children :)


John’s Grandma and Grandpa bought him a pint-sized organ, so that is where we do our lessons, but we also have a larger keyboard (tear, no real piano here, some day….).  This works for us now.


I am so happy that my children will have a solid foundation for their music learning!  How have you taught your children?  If you have any resources that you love, I’d love to know about them!!


For further reading, check out: 11 Ways to Encourage a Love for Music at And Next Comes L or Is Music the Key to Success? from the New York Times.


I was not compensated by Music for Little Mozarts and did not receive any free product for this review.  I just love these materials, and I think you will too!


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  1. Hi, What is the piano that you are using to teach your son? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Kelly! We have a mini organ that my mother in law found at a garage sale :) We love it, it’s perfect for little hands!

  2. Did you use the teachers manual with the bundle? Thanks!

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