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Charlotte Mason Homeschool Rhythm

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I am excited to share our homeschool routine that we go through on a daily basis. We abide by the Charlotte Mason principles but really adapt those to meet our family’s needs as well as the needs for each of our children. I am not a Charlotte Mason purist by any means! Our core curriculum for the year was Cycle 4 of A Gentle Feast. This is the fourth in their history rotation. I absolutely adore this curriculum and recommend it highly to anyone and everyone!

I will share below what we use in our Charlotte Mason Homeschool, with links, so you can check it out for yourself!

Here is our core curriculum: A Gentle Feast. This curriculum includes A Living Approach: it is deeply rooted in the living ideas found in books, beauty and Biblical truth. It is gentle to both mom and child, while providing a firm academic foundation. It is Charlotte Mason Inspired: it is a feast of living ideas founded on Miss Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and principles. It is Family Centered: A Gentle Feast brings your family together as much as possible while still providing grade-appropriate material.

This includes the Charlotte Mason course book (teacher guide) and morning time plans!

Here is a copy of the Editable PDF Charlotte Mason Homeschool Schedule!

Below are materials and resources we use in our Charlotte Mason homeschool. We do a four day cycle, to leave room for a day that we may be out with friends or doing nature study or field trips.


Westminster Shorter Catechism

Nature: Christian Liberty Nature Reader

English Standard Version Bible

Play and Learn Spanish

Talk Box Mom Spanish

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Morning Time: Bible, Poetry, Hymns are from A Gentle Feast

Hero Tales

Economics/ Citizenship: Tuttle Twins and Student Spiral Notebook

History picture book: If you traveled west in a covered wagon

Science: Botany from The Good and the Beautiful

Classical Conversations: we do this weekly! The notebooks from Amy Snyder Designs make the memory work and songs very easy and fun!


Folk Songs: from A Gentle Feast

Recitation Review with our Recitation Memory Binder (you can check out the contents and get a cover to make your own here!)

The Young Citizen’s Reader

Book of Marvels: The Occident

Gentle + Classical Nature (I made a video on how this works and why we love it here!)


Sing Solfa Lessons for music knowledge and Solfege

Picture Study is in the Morning Time book from A Gentle Feast

History of Science from Beautiful Feet Books: The Way Science Works

Simple science notebook

The Picture History of Great Inventors

Leonardo’s Horse

Leonardo da Vinci by Diane Stanley

Musical Multiplication Songs

Classical Conversations review with their books and songs


Poet Study: Emily Dickinson from A Gentle Feast

Tales from Shakespeare

History with The Good and the Beautiful (same time period as A Gentle Feast follows)

Gentle + Classical Nature

Tin Whistle practice

I hope this inspires you to adapt the resources you find to best fit the needs and passions of your own Charlotte Mason & Classical Homeschool family!

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