Charlotte Mason Homeschool: Second Grade Curriculum

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Our homeschool curriculum for for my daughter’s second grade year, was gentle and kind. Children don’t need a list of “need to do’s” by such and such date or they will be in this remedial group away from their peers and feel isolated. I know that reading support is important in grade schools, but oh how I wish it wouldn’t happen so soon and the pressure could be lifted off of our young children.

  • Even if a child doesn’t read fluently until age 8 or 9 or even 10, is that a burden?
  • Do we look at there conversation?
  • Or their noticing?
  • The artwork they create?
  • Or the questions they are asking?
  • The curiosity about the world around them that has arisen?

I am grateful that I kept my daughter home. She can learn at her own pace and never feel that she is missing out or behind or “less than.” We used the Gentle Lessons from A Gentle Feast. I love that this program takes a child gently through nursery rhymes as they begin reading more difficult words. Since my daughter was not advanced in her reading, I was able to give her all the time and support she needed to connect with phonemes and sight words. She never felt “behind” and she enjoyed lessons! We took her reading slow, and by the end of the year, her reading was really flourishing! I’m so proud of all her hard work!

A Gentle Feast 100 Lessons in Sight and Sound

Gentle + Classical Nature Vol. 1

Review of Gentle + Classical Nature

Rod & Staff Bible Program with Phonics & Reading

Simply Classical New American Cursive Volume 3

Pathway Readers

My Father’s World Bible Reader

Nature Journal

The Good and the Beautiful Math Second Grade

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1

second grade curriculum homeschool

We had such an amazing year! We are so grateful for so many wonderful materials that promote our worldview and our intention that homeschool is a peaceful and beautiful place!

second grade homeschool

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