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Creating short vowel words with Montessori alphabet

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See how we use the Montessori moveable alphabet and Montessori alphabet objects to create beginning words!  We are creating lots of three letter words with short vowels these days, includes a video so you can do it with your children, or student, at home or school!


My son has been sounding out words everywhere he goes!  It is an immense joy to see this come to life in his learning!  Today, we wanted to share a short video of him creating short vowel words (CVC: consonant – vowel – consonant) using Montessori materials: the moveable alphabet and the alphabet objects.

We created our Montessori alphabet box, with small “dollhouse” objects that each correspond with the letters of the alphabet.  These help children to correlate an object with the beginning sounds.

I set out a small white mat, four simple objects, each beginning with short vowel “a,” and then a word bank for John to fill in the beginning and ending consonants.  I think the word bank is helpful for this task until they are very confident with the entire Montessori alphabet box.


He created all the CVC “short a” words with confidence, combining his thinking and his fine motor skills to do thoughtful and lasting work.

John wanted to continue his work, so we did a couple more sets of three words at a time.  He knew them all!  He worked for about ten minutes, and then started getting goofy, so we respectfully put the materials away so he could get active (like he needs) or we use a brain break.



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