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Bring the joy of music to little ones! {Daria music review}

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This post is my review of a product that I received at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are solely my own.  Please see my disclosure policy.

I began writing about our family musical journey in a recent post.  I studied voice performance in college and love teaching my son about musical traditions.  I want to develop my son’s natural, innate love for music through learning about instruments, musical genres, musical theory, and learning songs!

This is why I was so excited to be introduced to Daria!  Her music and vision fit right in with my goals for teaching my children!   As an international folksinger, Daria has a mission: to share hope and peace with children around the globe through her love of music.

Daria’s deep musical knowledge is obvious as soon as you listen to any of her songs online at her site: Daria Music.  She shares a unique variety of rhythms, melodies, and instruments!  It was difficult to decide which cd I wanted to have in our home!  All of her cds express her desire to help children learn about different world cultures through her music.

Grandchildren’s Delight: Best loved songs from the good old days is a Grammy-nominated album and I Have a Dream features Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s important words set to music.

I chose Beautiful Rainbow World because it presents songs from African, Caribbean, Australian, Latin American, Quechua, Native American, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and African-American traditions.  I also loved the preview song clips — the instruments sounds were so unique that I knew my son would love them!  We needed some new music to learn, since we already familiar with most children’s music from our music collection at home.  I was so happy with Beautiful Rainbow World!!


The title song, “Beautiful Rainbow World” is a tribute to all of the peoples and children of the world.  And I love “Salaam Shalom” which has a strong message of peace using both Arabic and Hebrew!  There are a couple of familiar favorites too, including “Kumbayah” and “Down by the Riverside.”

My son and I love to hear all the kinds of sounds the instruments make.  “What’s that mom?!”  Many of the instruments are unfamiliar to me, but that is what is so exciting!  Daria utilizes instruments from all over the world and writes about them on her site, too.  Daria’s Store sells many of these unique instruments!


We also received a Goat’s Hoof Shaker (Chapchas)!  When I opened up the package, I was a little hesitant.  Goat’s hooves?!  But the sound from this instrument is so beautiful and crisp!  My son loves exploring different rhythms, so this was perfect.  He loves shaking it while listening to music, or through singing and making his own {see below!}


I love that he is using an instrument made in Bolivia!!


The most beautiful part about Daria’s music is her spirit.   You can hear and feel her passion for children and the world through her rich alto voice — she has a beautiful, soothing timbre.

daria and drum

Daria has a theme on her site every month to explore a different country.  The country for the month of October is India!  Check out her Monthly page to find out more. She has so much information about music and instruments from India — she is also featuring a  free coloring page of a sitar!

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 3.39.21 PM

She is also featuring two giveaways too! You can win a pair of Indian Ankle bells at Daria Music!

And win a Pacay Shaker (a rattle that grows on a tree!)

I hope you find a way to bring music into your home and you can check out Daria Music today!






I was provided Daria’s cd Beautiful Rainbow World and  for free to review in exchange for an honest review. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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