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Easy Preschool Curriculum

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I’m taking a simpler approach to my daughter’s preschool curriculum.  We have been combining a lot of resources.  Here are the ones we have been using from PaperPie.  We love the diverse collection of books from Usborne, the high quality paper and content, as well as the fun and vibrant, non-commercial illustrations.


At this young age, counting to 10 and understanding measurment and space is most important.  We also love this book about telling the time because it truly taught my 3 and 5 year old how to tell the time!  The dictionary is a fun book to read through with your child or to brush up on various topics on your own.

Telling the Time

I Can Count Little Board Books

First Illustrated Math Dictionary


Simply put, children need to be read to.  These selections excite a child about the world of the alphabet, rhyming, and poetry.  We love books on cd because it can be a great way for a child to read a book when mom or dad can’t be right there.

Illustrated Alphabet Book

Farmyard Tales with cd

Ted & Friends Phonics Readers with cd

Very First Reading Set


Usborne is the leading publisher in children’s non-fiction texts.  I like to put books in various places around our house to entice interest and we read them when they are interested.  Usborne has several experiment and activity science books, I’ve picked the simplest one here.

50 Science Things to Make and Do

How Do Flowers Grow?

What Makes it Rain?

Additional Choices:

Beginner Books: Caterpillars and Butterflies, Bees and Wasps, Tadpoles and Frogs

Look Inside Books: Look Inside Food, Look Inside Space, Look Inside Our World, Look Inside Your Body

Fine Motor

I love Usborne Sticker books — they teach a child the subject matter while focusing on fine motor skills.  And they are only 5.99-6.99 each.  There are many Wipe-Clean Books to choose from as well, these are perfect because they are reusable and my children love to wipe with their own special cloth.  Choose them all or just a couple!

ABC Sticker Book

First Colors Sticker Book

First Shapes Sticker Book

First Numbers Sticker Book

Wipe-Clean Book: Capital Letters

Wipe-Clean Book: 123


For Social Studies/History, my daughter is tagging along with my son’s unit studies.  She loves joining in!  You can read more about them: Creating a simple unit study. Included are Greek Myths, Shakespeare, Long Ago, and Around the World.

Snuggling up and reading is the best thing we can do for our children.  They don’t need to “read” themselves yet — all they need are some good books, some alphabet blocks, lots of play time outdoors, and you.  Enjoy your children while they’re young!

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