Fifth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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My son is my world! I love being with him but that does not mean he is without his challenges! He worked so incredibly diligently this year and I couldn’t be more proud of how he is progressing. I’ll write more specifically on his narration, but what a joy it is to see his writing, in particular, blossom! I was able to find many wonderful books for him to read that focused on male protagonists with high moral standards and values. He reads a history chapter and a language arts chapter from two different books each day and either orally narrates (tells me about the chapter and key points) or he does a written narration. He’d often choose a favorite and write about that one. In addition, we worked on spelling and math as well as cursive and his Language Arts though The Good and the Beautiful which I love because he can do most of it independently.

Let’s take a look at what my son learned in his fifth grade year in my quick video below!

Here is what we used for our homeschool curriculum for my fifth grade boy!

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 4

Right Start Math Level F

Classically Cursive Catechism Veritas Press

Narration Notebook

Nature Notebook

Spell to Write and Read Program

Spelling U See Level C

High Quality Books promoting high morals and values:

The Silver Sword

The Night Crossing

Twenty and Ten

The Sword in the Tree

The Whipping Boy

The Scripture Sleuth Series

Balloon Boy

Gentle Ben

fifth grade homeschool

I hope this has given you some ideas and insight on what you could use for fourth or fifth or sixth grade with your own child! Differentiation and adaptation is so important! And this is part of why we homeschool! His curriculum was hand picked for him! Enjoy your precious ones and learning together!

fifth grade homeschool

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