First Grade in our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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Adapting homeschool materials and methods for each child is why we chose to learn at home. I love that each of my children are seen as a whole person, they are respected in their gifts and their struggles. Here is an overview of what I use with my first grader in our Charlotte Mason homeschool. I chose different materials for my son, and I will choose different things for my younger daughter! I love talking about these things and I hope you enjoy!

First grade Charlotte Mason Homeschool ideas and resources:

I talk about our first grade year here!! You can find these Charlotte Mason homeschool resources below.

Math: The Good and the Beautiful

Nature, handwriting, and drawing: Draw Write Now

Cursive Handwriting: A Gentle Feast

Language Arts & Bible: My Father’s World

100 Gentle Lessons in Sight and Sound: A Gentle Feast

Nature Journal we love

We love taking our days slow and meeting each learner where they are at! Have you tried any of these curriculums? What has helped you?

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