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Home Preschool : Letter G

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home preschool letter g from wildflower ramblingsHere I share our homeschooling days… and I am including some Gg activities…. But most of what we do has not simply specific to one letter, so I think next week they will become “our homeschooling days” or something close to that effect, to reflect the natural learning aspect of our days :)

I also recently shared about meeting my son’s needs: child-directed learning.  Mostly, this means that we try to move organically through our days.  Aside from my having to do the household chores: cook, clean, clean some more, pick up some more…..

  • I try to also see what is interesting my children in the moment and long term and ensure the environment cultivates those interests.
  • I set out alphabet and number invitations as time and interest allows.
  • The only scheduling I still insist on is the counting and reciting our poems and prayers.  I believe this memory work develops the mind towards proper English, for both speaking and writing, as well as for thinking and remembering and creating, so I encourage it in our learning.

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Our Child Led Week

John is actually Buzz Lightyear this week.  I spoke a bit about this at meeting my son’s needs — he is a strong little man!  We made wings, a jetpack, for him out of string and sticks, his request.

DSC04119 DSC04124 DSC04127

We got out our Montessori Alphabet Box and sorted two letters: F and G!DSC03997

May loves being able to explore her own box of objects — this has become a great way to occupy her while John and I practice sounding out the beginning letter of the objects he is sorting!  {Here is another post on how we use the Montessori Alphabet Box.  And another on learning sounds with Montesori alphabet objects.}


Making a fruit man out of fruits and vegetables!  Our church had a wonderful fall gathering and I loved this simple and creative activity!  John loved it too!!DSC04281 DSC04285 I was so happy when John said he wanted to paint a pumpkin!DSC04296 May wanted to to — can you believe I had her in her nice white sweater — they both painted masterpieces that later went on our front stoop.DSC04297 Here, May is concentrating on spooning beans from one tray to the next.DSC04299 DSC04300 DSC04301I often send John outdoors on his own for about ten minutes at a time.  He loves this time.  Here he is slamming a stick in the ground.  Read more at : how to help my child with hyperactivity.DSC04310John has been very interested in cutting with scissors lately.  This has thrilled his mama :)  He meticulously is cutting a picture of a G is for Gorilla.DSC05198 Here is some of his work.  I wanted him to write a G next to his cut and glued gorilla, so we practiced — he was completely willing because he was oh so proud of that cut gorilla!! — the G on his gorilla page is all by himself!!DSC05226

Preschool Alphabet Notebook

We are making an alphabet book with uppercase letters. I save these and will put them in a “book” — probably just with three pieces of yarn — for him to remember each letter!  We are using printables from The Unlikely Homeschool.  This is simple — just decorate your letter with something related to that letter.

G is for Green :)  May painted this — John didn’t want to– she is my little painter and absolutely loves these little opportunities — she is quite the perfectionist.  “Done!” she cries when her masterpiece is complete.

ABC Felt Animal

Our felt animal this week was a G is for Gorilla!  You can check out all of our ABC Felt Animals here.


ABC Preschool Books to Read

I am starting a new collection of Preschool Books to read for each letter.  Here is our list for Preschool Books for the Letter G!

Letter G
Letter G

Our Chosen Materials & Activities:

  • The Preschool Journey by Teaching Mama.  There are many wonderful ideas for crafts and activities for each letter in this eBook.  We will pick and choose different activities according to my son’s interests.
  • ABC Felt Animals: we will continue to make our felt animals for every letter of the alphabet!

You can also find our Essential Preschool Materials and Craft & Homeschool Materials for Moms for more learning suggestions!

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