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our homeschooling days

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Our homeschooling days are quiet, relaxed, not forced at all.  Sometimes the teacher in me wants to do, do do.  I want to finish projects or work on printables.  But really, they are already learning.  My four year old has invented a spaceship.  And my two year old daintily lays out all the poms and beads in her own little symmetrical order.  We are learning.  And at this young, very early stage, I want our time to be calm and fun and never forced.  Now, I do believe in wise and beautiful instruction in later years, beginning at least by age five or six.  {See: What is classical education?}  But we are blessed to have quiet days.  Breakfast together, sometimes cooking together, reading on the couch, watching them play, sometimes getting down on the floor when I don’t have to clean, then lunch and more play.  Play is learning.  Setting up opportunities to learn is my job — and oh I love my job.

If you missed it…. Though I will continue to post on our preschool books for each letter, our preschool alphabet book, and our ABC felt animals, we are taking more of a relaxed, organic, child-led approach to not only our days but also how I share here.  We still work on our letter of the week, and I shared more in detail here as to the whys of continuing to intentionally introduce/re-visit each letter — paying particular attention to the sounds and how to write the uppercase letter.  But I will not be sharing our preschool according to each letter — I have already shared in our preschool circle time notebook and our recitation time schedule what we may or may not do according to each letter so there is no sense in re-hashing those boring details over and over.  But I do hope you look at some of the above posts for more details on what we are doing.

{Here are our tot school days and our preschool days.}

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DSC05691 DSC05692 May working with Lauri peg letters.DSC05421
Learning about the different coins, their appearance and shapes and value.  I brought our play coins out while John was play “cash register”.  I made a simple chart to help him sort.DSC05418 DSC05423 DSC05425 DSC05725Dresssing himself and zipping himself and putting on shoes.  All simple but independent activities.DSC05738 Some silly turkeys we made on Thanksgiving day.DSC05699 Fun with play dough and various small parts.DSC05700 DSC05701 DSC05702 DSC06155 Cutting potatoes with his little knife.  DSC06146Working on sounds with our Montessori Alphabet boxes.


How to make a Montessori Alphabet Box

How to use the Montessori Alphabet Box

Learning sounds with little alphabet objectsDSC06148

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