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How we use The Good & The Beautiful History

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I love teaching history, and I love having amazing & abundant resources for history! The Good & The Beautiful History includes living texts, picture book and map & primary images, audio recordings to bring history to life, and worksheets to color or study geography or quotes. It’s a wonderful program that we fit into the history we are studying with our core curriculum A Gentle Feast. You can hear how we use it below!

I put the four cycles of The Good and the Beautiful’s History Program into one post in chronological order. This is the one downside, in my opinion, as we like to work through history one hundred years at a time.

The Good and the Beautiful History Program in Chronological Order

A Gentle Feast goes through 1600s American History (plus Ancient History for 5th grade and up), 1700s (plus Greek history for 5th grade and up), 1800s (plus Roman History for 5th grade and up), 1900s (plus Middle Ages for 5th grade and up). I simply go to my four TGATB guides to know how and when I will add it to our history learning time! (I love history so I love adding in extra work, it’s fun for the kids too!)

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