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Kindergarten Homeschool: a gentle and slower year

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We enjoyed a slow and gentle year for her first of three introductory years. We follow Charlotte Mason’s instruction to not begin formal lessons until age 6, and since she was not yet six, we took this time very slow and gentle. My daughter LOVES lessons and time together, so we focused on stories and further cementing her letters and sounds. We are in no rush and are taking our Kindergarten/ First Grade years in three total years. Watch me quickly share about our chosen curriculum below!

We used the following materials and curriculum:

My Father’s World Kindergarten

Gather Round Letters & Numbers Vol 3

The Good and the Beautiful Math Level K

The Peaceful Press, The Good Gospel

We cycle slowly through these books for each letter:

Christian Liberty Nature Reader K

Waldorf Alphabet Book

LMNOP and all the Letters

A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book

44 Animals of the Bible

Big Thoughts for Little People

Cuisenart Alphabet book


God’s Amazing World from A to Z

We have enjoyed this simple year. A time to listen to each other. To go outside more. To have more freedom. To play with her animals more. To build more lego creations. To see more butterflies and birds. To sit and wonder and not worry that she may not be reading “right on schedule.” I pray for this type of year for you and yours.

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