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We are homeschooling every day.  Really, it is that we are learning every day.  Whether we are reading about American History.  Cooking.  Or splashing and making dams in the river.  It is all learning and homeschooling and beautiful.  Especially beautiful these days is John and May’s relationship. Oh is it blossoming.

You can check out a bit more of our rhythm/schedule for these summer months in a recent post too!

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May loves sensory play with shaving cream or paint!  She really loves to get into it, and it’s fun to see her not be bothered by the different textures in his hands — John always would have an issue with it after a while, due to his sensory integration needs — but May is happy to be down and dirty :)


May enjoyed ballet lessons over the winter, and she now loves to get out her tutu and skirt (or John wears one too) and plays her little ballet book with ballet dancing music!  She absolutely love this time, and it occurs almost every day!


We are continuing to work through God’s Little Explorers during these summer months, while incorporating some of our kindergarten curriculum.  This week, we read about the Kings of Israel.  John was interested in how to spell “king,” so we got out our Montessori alphabet and spelled it.  Then he wanted to spell other words!  I love the integration of his interests and words!!  May is drawing crowns for the kings.

DSC00355 DSC00373

John wants to make lemonade just about everyday.  His interest sparked after watching the Leap Frog Counting Lemonade 1 to 10 video, rented from the library.  He has created many lemonade stands and lemon messes ever since ;)


And May picked a bouquet for me!


Working on the letter Qq with Do-A-Dot markers.


Cutting and pasting.

Drawing little masterpieces.  You can see our art utensil recommendations here.


Painting outside on the art easel.  John surprised me with his excitement and attention with this!!  Below is his horned ladybug!!  Isn’t it beautiful?!  We just used tempera paints here.

DSC00421 DSC00424

Reading, always reading.  Here they are with their sticker books: John has the Diggers sticker book and May has the Fantastic compilation book.


More stickers, during our ever present space obsession, I like to put out all of our books about space!


Beautiful pieces left out by May.


Learning about the rain and change in climates, winds, and atmosphere with daddy.  We also love reading this weather book together.


We brought the art easel in during our rainy days, and May painted “trees with birds”!!

Eating strawberries.


Slicing strawberries with this awesome slicer.


Painting with homemade watercolors.


Gifts and homemade cards for daddy.


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