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Our Preschool Bible Notebook with the My First Hands On Bible

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Our Preschool Bible Notebook with the My First Hands On Bible from Wildflower Ramblings

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I have been stressed about Bible time. I didn’t have a good system. I wrote an extensive post on our Preschool Bible Learning & Devotion Time Materials.  And sure, we read our assorted Bibles and Bible materials  all the time, but I wasn’t happy with the sequence. I tend to be organized, but have given a lot of that up since having two (!) children.

The issues were: I wanted to read the same story in all of our Bibles, watch that story on video, and do it in felt — all to really make the story concrete in my son’s mind and heart.

This just caused too much “work” on my part. He, also, wanted to go at a faster pace. “Let’s read the next one, Mom!” And why stop him there?

However, I want to delve into the stories a little more.

The My First Hands On Bible has taken the guess work out of all of this.  (Thank you, Michelle from Delightful Learning, for introducing me to it through your Preschool posts!!)

  • What I love most is that the child is reading actual Scripture with you, in the New Living Translation. I love love love this. It is meatier and more meaningful this way!
  • Fun gross and fine motor activities are included throughout each reading of the stories.  For example, “slither like the snake in the garden of Eden” or “pretend you’re in the ark and rock the boat!”  Super fun, easy activities that gets your child engaged.  And, score!, you don’t have to think of them because they are right there for you.
  • I love that at the end, there are at least two more activity suggestions, a nice prayer, and a Jesus connection.

DSC05928 DSC05929

This is truly the best young “3s” Bible I have encountered, and I am so excited about it!!  85 stories are included, I wish it had more, but that will do. The next step will be there, for older kids, the My Hands On Bible, which I am just as excited about.

We have started a Preschool Bible Notebook for our Bible learning time with the My First Hands On Bible.  After each story, we draw an extremely easy picture together with the scripture above, and sometimes, a prayer.  This correlates his thoughts about the Scripture into a picture.

This work is also a wonderful tool for teaching reading skills.  Letters create words, separated by spaces, beginning with a capital and ending with a period, to create sentences and thoughts… and prayers!

Here are our beginning pages:

DSC05930 DSC05931 DSC05933 DSC05934

I hope that you find these suggestions helpful and that you give the My First Hands On Bible a chance!  You and your child will love it!!

What do you use for Bible time? 

 Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.06.04 PM


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  1. Cindy Gresham says:

    I just found you and love your Christian based activities. I teach PK-3 in a Christian school and will use these next yr., only wish I had found you sooner! I am going to get this Bible possibly through Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Who is the publisher?

  2. I had to read this when I stumbled across it because it’s one of our favorite Bibles too. My four are actually all doing some of the activities together this summer while we’re “on break” from our regular AWANAs and CBS. This was at my nine year old’s request because he loves hands-on Bible activities so much! LOL

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