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Preschool Circle Time Notebook

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I am so excited to share my Preschool Circle Time Notebook with you today!  We use this notebook all the time for singing, dancing, chanting, and enjoying one another.  I keep Bible songs, patriotic songs, recite poems and chants, and various activity ideas and lists in our binder.  This post includes tons of resource ideas for you to create your own homeschool circle time binder!

Make a Preschool Circle Time Notebook -- free resources and free cover printable!!

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I keep a Preschool Circle Time Notebook for singing and chanting during our morning preschool time.  Here is our post on our Preschool Circle Time Routine!  My children love the little songs and I love that they are memorizing many of them.  Our notebook is a simple three-ring binder with sheet protector sleeves.  I find this keeps the pages nice and non-torn, so that I’m able to re-use them — we hang them on the wall if we want to focus on one or two specific songs or chants for our home preschool.  {You can see an example at our Letter A preschool round up.}

There is a free printable below for a Preschool Notebook cover page!!

I have a complete reference list below, but first, some pages to show you how fun this can be!:

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Resources for our Preschool Circle Time Notebook:

Here are all the resources we keep in our Notebook.  All of these links are to a FREE resource!!  Just print them out and make your own Preschool Notebook to pull out for singing, chanting, and enjoying one another!!

You will LOVE The ABC’s of Preschool: Letter of the Week Curriculum from The Measured Mom — for a very affordable price, you have a complete alphabet curriculum, complete with

{The Preschool Journey may be purchased for a small price, you will receive many ideas on how to establish a home preschool, and activity ideas for each letter, including lots of printables!!}

{Also, The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks provides you with over 60 physical activities for children who need a break and move while learning!}

We plan on making more songs and hymns printables, so I’ll make sure to link to those as they become available!

Free Preschool Notebook Cover Page

Here is the cover I made for our Preschool collection — the free printable does not include the watermark :)Screen shot 2014-10-032

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You can download the Preschool Notebook Cover here.

Enjoy your little ones today!!

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  1. Thanks a lot for all the wondeful ideas and materials you have shared!!!!!!!!!

  2. francesca says:

    what are your recommended top ten must do activities for a good morning circle with two year olds

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