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Preschool Handwriting Notebook {free printable!}

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I am sharing our Preschool Handwriting Notebook with you today.  I put together this special notebook for my son to use while practicing his letter formations and confidence.  I am including a free printable cover, both with and without the lines for a child to write their name!!


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I created this Handwriting Notebook for my son.  He does not have a strong desire to write his letters, so I try to create interesting and fun opportunities for him to practice his handwriting.  One of his favorite things to do is use dry erase markers.  These are truly the best because they glide very easy onto a sheet protector, so writing doesn’t take extra effort.

We use these supplies:

Our homeschool work with letters began with tactilely creating and making the letter.  This can involve manipulatives and sensory play, and I’ve written more at Tactile Uppercase Letter Writing.  We are now working on, and writing, uppercase letters first, but we have now informally introduced his lowercase letters.  It is important to stay with him to reinforce proper pencil grip and letter formation.

Having a successful, and correct, start will help him in the long run to be confident in handwriting!!  He loves his little notebook, and has a choice of what pages he’d like to do — which helps him have autonomy over his learning.  I simple put all the pages in the sheet protectors.  Only takes a couple minutes to put together — and it is perfect for homeschooling time or anytime!!

Our Handwriting Notebook consists of many free printables from Wildflower Ramblings and other blogs that I admire!  Here is a list of what we use:

Preschool Uppercase Handwriting Pages {here are Lowercase and Numbers}.


Tot School Printable Alphabet Pages from 1plus1plus1equals1.


Phonetic Handwriting Pages from This Reading Mama.


Letters of All Sizes Pages from The Measured Mom {these come in lowercase and numbers too}.


Letters on Two Lines from The Measured Mom {shown with the numbers of all sizes pages}.


I made a cute cover for our Handwriting Notebook, and I hope you can enjoy it too!!


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You can download the Handwriting Cover here.

You can download the Handwriting Cover with a Name here.


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