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Preschool Handwriting Practice – Numbers {free printable}

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I am so excited to share our free printables for preschool handwriting practice of numbers {0 to 20}. I made the uppercase letters practice pages and our lowercase letters practice pages to help my son begin practice with his handwriting.  I am providing these simple handwriting pages for readers who are working on their letters and numbers and need a simple, no nonsense “worksheet” for their preschooler or kindergartener!!


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These simple number handwriting pages allow a child to build confidence as they begin printing on their own.  They provide great practice for beginners or children who are writing letters and numbers for the very first time.  These preschool handwriting worksheets allow your child to trace within the lines of a number before trying to write the number without any assistance except a small box.

These preschool handwriting printables help a child form their first few numbers, and then, hopefully, help the child focus on muscle memory to create the last number on his/her own.  The boxes help visualize the size the number should be without having any arrows, numbers, or straight and dotted lines.

Advice for beginning handwriting

  • Don’t rush, follow your child’s lead.  In his time.  {Some European countries don’t begin reading instruction until age seven!}  So, he is far from behind.

A child needs a teacher

Ensure your child is utilizing good practices and proper pencil grip — it is hard to break poor habit after they’ve been established!!

I have not added arrows, numbers, dots, or lines to these preschool handwriting printables.  I think that making a child aware of the starting and ending points in the numbers and letters is very important, however, it can also become very confusing.  I made these pages specifically for my son’s needs.

Since I have not included those extra helpful dots and lines and arrows here, children should be with a teacher when using these preschool handwriting worksheets.  Creating good habits is of the utmost importance, so showing the child each and every stroke, and reinforcing it, will benefit the child in the future.  It is also important to emphasize proper pencil grip, which we are constantly working on :)  And soon, they will be printing correctly without any instruction!

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  1. SANDRA campos says:

    Bom dia.
    Adorei seu trabalho e obrigada por compartilhar. Espero poder ajudar meu filho com eles.
    Mas eu não achei o link para fazer download dos arquivos como faço pra baixar seus sua planilhas.
    e felicidades!

    1. O número cartões estão disponíveis para envio por e-mail aos assinantes – assine e siga os links! Se você tiver problemas, apenas deixe-me saber e eu vou lhe enviar um e-mail no link depois que você está apto a se inscrever! Obrigada, Sandra! http://mad.ly/signups/96989/join

  2. Hi! I’m having trouble getting this printable. I was able to print the upper and lowercase without any problems, but I’m not seeing a download button like on the other two. I’m already a subscriber and even did it again just in case, but that didn’t help. Any idea what I’m missing? Thank you!

    ~ Kelly

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