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My girl loves to draw.  It is amazing to watch her little mind and fingers work together and create little masterpieces.  I think so amazing to me because my son had zero interest in art until recently.  Sweet enough, she is making him interested in exploring!


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I alway have her triangular crayons available in a tin, along with small pieces of beautiful paper — cut from all of my leftover 12×12 pieces of scrapbook cardstock.  I think having beautiful paper to write on makes her feel respected — that her art and her thoughts matter.

Of course, she has more materials than just the crayons and paper, but I don’t always have them out.  We have markers and various beautiful workbooks — and she loves watercolors and paint.  She would paint all day if we had enough paper!


I decided to tuck some big paper — rolls from Ikea — around our piece of wood that has been all around the house and leave it on the floor for her to find.  I also left a box of small items that she has seen before — it contains gems, mosaic tiles, wooden dowels and sticks, clothespins and bells.


She sat down and got right to work on her little pieces of paper, and then drew all over her big paper.  I replaced it several times — and then she got started on the wood.  This didn’t thrill my husband, but seriously, I can get another slab of wood for $2 at the lumber store.

John looked on and became interested — he has drawn a couple little pieces of paper by the time May sat. I was so proud of what he accomplished.  His little red markers were a robot — the interest of the day.  I was glad to see that he allowed his sister to teach him.  He sat and reflected for a bit and learned.  She, of course, joined him.  And they sat together, if only for a moment.  And this.  This is why we stay home.  These moments are why we don’t rush around our days.  To be with one another and slowly learn and create together.


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  1. I love this! My intention is always to leave out ‘invitations to play’ although I do not manage this very often. Our (slightly haphazard) art trolley now sits proudly in place and the girls know they can help themselves to glittery glue stick, pens, paper etc to create. I have left out string, scissors, glue, shapes, etc which they often get stuck into also – often not in the way I would have anticipated but that is the beauty of it. What I need to do now is low down, watch them more, document this all more and enjoy the moment – rather than trying to rush around getting the house vaguely tidier whilst they are occupied?! Thanks for sharing what looks like a beautifully ordered and inspiring environment for your children:-)

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