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Simple & Beautiful Preschool Alphabet Lessons

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Sharing our lovely four day alphabet lessons focusing on one letter, very gently, at a time in our home preschool.

I’m sharing our daily preschool time that we focus on with my five year old. This is all very relaxed. She, and I, love having a short ten minute time together. She also does her art lessons, sensory time, lots of nature time and outdoor play, and she participates in our morning meeting and history and literature readings (unless she is busy doing more important work).

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Day 1

The first of her four day letter cycle is reading this light hearted book, The Alphabet, about two silly gnomes and their attempt to share the alphabet with two unsuspecting human children. The whole book is very silly and has lovely crayon illustrations, which lends itself well to our next day’s activities….

We also add our letter of the week to our chalkboard! I am a very amateur artist, but have been inspired by chalkboard drawing and dry brushing in particular!  We use simple colorful chalks on our board and mini boards!


Day 2

On our second day of studying our letter, she creates a letter page in her Lesson Book.  By the end of our study, she will have a beautiful, completely homemade alphabet book! I have studied main lesson books just a bit, what I do know is that color abounds, using beeswax crayons, with background and border colors. (See more about our art material choices here.)  We may work on forms later by it really is not for me to decide what she does. I have shared a couple pictures of her at work below! I am trying to help her make her big and little letter more prominent (here it is in yellow). But this is her own and I am so proud of her!!

We also read three books. Two have gorgeous illustrations and the third is tactile. Our books are lovely and chosen for their Waldorf qualities.

And that is our simple second day!

Day 3

On our third day, we read three more alphabet books. The first two focus on animals and we are in love with the Usborne one and its silly alliteration and beautiful illustrations! The Montessori book has a nice tactile aspect. The focus is to understand the letter sounds through repetition and beauty.

She also creates the letter with her choice of manipulatives- beans or shells or buttons or Spielgaben objects!

Day 4

To finish off our easy four day week of letter focus, we gently work with sandpaper letters and alphabet objects. We also read the last of our books. The Art Book is one of the most delightful I’ve seen. We love the alliteration in the LMNOP book as well as the Waldorf art, and finally, the focus on animals that appear in the Bible is a wonderful addition.

Keep it simple

There is our simple home preschool.  And without worksheets!  I hope this has inspired you to work gently with your child.  There is no need to rush them or teach reading before age six.  Let them explore and enjoy time with you!



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