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Simple Start to Homeschool Guide {free resource}

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Have you thought about homeschooling your children but don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you think you aren’t qualified?
  • Do you want easy direction on starting today?

No one will know your course until you begin. The best thing to do to get started is to just commit. The rest will fall into place! You are brave and you can do this!

Grab the Free Homeschool Resource Guide here!

grab the free homeschool resource guide here!

A simple start to your homeschooling journey is closer than you think! Use these practical resources and tips to get started today! You don’t have to have everything figured out to get started!

I’ve created a Simple Start to Homeschool Quick Guide that can give you the bare basics on how to make this journey as easy as possible!

*Note: I know that two huge factors for why parents DON’T homeschool is they

A) think they aren’t qualified or will “ruin” their child’s education, or

B) they work outside or inside the home and think it’s just not possible logistically.

Here at Wildflower Ramblings (and Grace in Homeschool Podcast!) we are here to challenge and encourage you. You CAN homeschool even if you’re out of the house 9 to 5. It will take some tweaking, maybe downsizing, maybe night schooling or weekend schooling, but it is possible.

Home “school” does not have to look like 7-8 hours in a seat doing busy work.

It is a lifestyle. It is so much more.


  • Check out your state’s homeschool laws here
  • Give yourself Grace
  • Start with Nothing
  • Go outside and take a walk
  • Grab a read aloud book & picture books
  • Snuggle up and enjoy your time together

When you’re ready, set up a schedule. To begin, just try 1-2 ideas at a time, and as you begin to complement them, your confidence will grow.

This can work whether your child is 6 or 10 or 16. Taking a break from academics will not “ruin” your child!

Whatever your reason to homeschool, you CAN do this. Whether it’s academics themselves, the culture you don’t want your child to be a part of, or the secular philosophy that you don’t believe in. You have the AUTHORITY to take control over your child’s education! You can do this!

you can homeschool – get your FREE simple start guide today!

Grab our free simple start to homeschool guide! Starting your home education journey doesn’t have to be complicated! We’ve made it EASY and FREE for you! Check it out now!

Nothing has to be prepared for you to begin homeschooling right now! If you are not happy with your child’s school, their attitude, what they are witnessing, how they are treated, the culture that is being taught, any of it, you have a right and an obligation as a parent to do something about it!

Starting Homeschool should be Simple

You can start with reading together, spending time outdoors and nature journaling.

Children will eventual need direction. (We abide by Classical and Charlotte Mason principles mostly.)

But “unschoolers”, yes that is a beloved philosophy for many, understand that their child’s interests and needs — and then they place tools and resources and the books they need to flourish.

Example: I have a friend whose daughter loves horses, so they went to the library to grab horse anatomy books, horse fiction books. She created a diagram of all the parts and systems of a horse, she presented her horse in the local 4H club, and she is writing her own book about a little girl who loved horses.

Your journey can begin with their interests, and you can figure out the rest of their curriculum after that!

My list of FREE RESOURCES you can use TODAY with your child in the Simple Start to Homeschool Guide has suggestions for language arts and math, as well as history and science (nature!). All of this will be taken care of completely and fully. These are free suggestions. This is the place to START.

In this freebie, I’m not detailing all the abundance of resources, instead I have made it my life’s mission to study and research curriculums, and these are the best FREE resources that I have found and I love. I don’t want to give you a bunch of options to begin researching – I know how stressful that can be! Instead, begin. 

And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Acts 16:31

If your spouse is not on board yet. Pray. I can tell you that my husband was also not initially on board to homeschool. He let me make this decision, but he saw the convenience of public government school, he, for a time, followed the trope of “what if they aren’t properly socialized”, 

I can assure you that over time, he sees what our children know, he notices their speech, he notices the courtesy they give to their elders (not always their parents, they are kids with lots of needs after all), but he sees what we are learning and that they fully reflect our faith. So he has come around.

My prayer for you is to fervently pray that you two can agree to homeschool, even without one partner fully on board… yet. They will be, when they see the fruit!

And what is the fruit? You want your child to be morally influenced by your faith, you want your child to have more time for free play to create and build and find and discover beyond what you ever thought possible!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

You are braver and stronger than I ever could be. I don’t let people know that I have a Masters degree in elementary education to float my boat, but unfortunately, in this elite-minded world, that seems to be all that matters. I’m “qualified” and you’re not! This is so categorically false! Please know that you have all the knowledge you need to educate your own kids, and you are far more equipped than any teacher, be they a 22 year old fresh out of college or a seasoned 60 year old who genuinely loves her job and may be very good at what she does!

Your brave decision to homeschool opens up so many doors for both you and your child!

I leave you today with a poem about what could be. It’s so hard to jump into something new, knowing you will fail, but persevering through the hard and the tough. You are brave!


Have we not all, amid life’s petty strife,

Some pure ideal of a noble life

That once seemed possible? Did we not hear

The flutter of its wings and feel it near,

And just within our reach? It was. And yet

We lost it in this daily jar and fret.

But still our place is kept and it will wait,

Ready for us to fill it, soon or late.

No star is ever lost we once have seen:

We always may be what we might have been.

Adelaide A. Procter (1825-1864)

You can do this! God is by your side! You can homeschool!

Grab the Free Simple Start to Homeschool Resource Guide here!

simple start homeschool how to homeschool free guide

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