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the case against full day kindergarten: part 2

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The Case Against Full Day Kindergarten: Part 2 is the second in a two part series I wrote over at Hip Homeschool Moms.  Part 1 discussed how Kindergarten has changed from a playful learning atmosphere into an assessment-driven environment and how this negatively affects children.  Part 2 explains how Kindergarten expectations and academics are too rigorous for young children. 

I discuss the following topics in Part 2 of this series: 

  • Parents are no longer given a choice.
  • Expectations for children entering public Kindergarten classrooms
  • Our Kindergarten Schedule
  • Academics in Kindergarten
  • Advocating to give children an extra year for play
  • Why the expectations are too high and they don’t work
  • And what can we do as parents and educators?

I hope you can check out the The Case Against Full Day Kindergarten: Part 2 {and Part 1} over at Hip Homeschool Moms today!!

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