What we do daily using the Charlotte Mason Method in our homeschool

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Breaking down why we use the Charlotte Mason method with A Gentle Feast curriculum for our homeschool and how we adapt it to fit our needs. I share what materials and rhythms we have for our Charlotte Mason homeschool. I am not a purist, but we like to abide by many of Mason’s principles in our home.

Check out Our Daily Homeschool using Charlotte Mason’s methods and inspiration!

Here are materials we use for our Charlotte Mason Homeschool:

To start, we have our morning time bins! We actually do these during lunch. This works well for our family. The children do their individual work, as best they can, and then we come together for Bible, Poetry, History, Science, Read Alouds and the like!

Nature lore:

Among the Forest people (and others)


Play and Learn Spanish

Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason

De Colores and other Folk Songs

First 100 Words in Spanish

Bible & poetry memory: A Gentle Feast Morning Time


Christian Missionary History: Hero Tales

A Gentle Feast (this is Course Book 3, which is American History 1800s)

Stories of Great American for Little Americans

America First

Geography: Tree in the Trail

Buffalo Bill


Follow the Drinking Gourd

Literature: At the Back of the North Wind

Over the Hills to Nugget

Language Arts Form 1 (for our third grader):

My American Geo Journey

My America Poetry Atlas

Our 50 States

History Uncovered of the USA

State Capitals

Language Arts Lesson Book from A Gentle Feast

For our first grader:

100 Gentle Lessons in Sight and Sound: A Gentle Feast

Cursive Lessons: A Gentle Feast

Charlotte Mason Homeschool

That is a brief overview of what we do! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our homeschool days!

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