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a cardboard box is fun

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Sometimes, all the kid needs is a cardboard box.



Check out my cardboard box Pinterest page for a lot {more creative} ways to use a cardboard box for children.  I just couldn’t believe how long it took to duct-tape (notice the neon green?) the sides of this.  I don’t have enough patience to Exacto-knife a cute truck or something for my boy when I know it will be destroyed in about 3 minutes.  But this box has shown me that I don’t need to buy expensive things for my child — there are so many play items in the house, just waiting to be played with!!

I loved this post from Moving Smart about what a cardboard box can teach your child: spatial awareness, comfort & security, empowerment, control, sensorial, and imagination!

And check out my Pinterest board which includes 50+ ideas for using cardboard boxes!

Please share your cardboard box posts! I’d love to see them!

Share Wildflower Ramblings!

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  1. I remember when I was 7 years old, I had made many things with old cardboard boxes. I used to play with those boxes. They were light and, useful for me. Once I made a small house with some cardboard boxes. I still have that small cardboard house in my room.

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