Gift Ideas for Four Year Olds

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Our list for gift ideas for four year olds is for my son, so it may seem boy-oriented.  However, I think that any older preschooler would love any of the items on this list!!

Gift ideas for four year olds - Wildflower Ramblings

I want to share what I am getting each of my children for Christmas. I already shared our Christmas wishlist for Open-ended toys, and while I’d like to buy everything on that list, we don’t have the space, and also, I really don’t ever want to make my children feel entitled to all the toys they want. So here is the short list of what my four year old son is actually getting :)

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Tegu Magnetic Blocks

This will be a stocking stuffer for both my son and daughter. These magnetic blocks are amazing!! They are so fun to create with and even stick to the refrigerator. Perfect for keeping them busy Christmas morning.


My son will absolutely love creating his own cars with this creative toy.  Another perfect, open-ended toy that allows the child to be the builder.

Lego Duplo Sets

My son still loves his Lego Duplos and mostly creates vehicles, dump trucks, fire trucks, fuel trucks, lawn mowers, and works with them around the house. So instead of buying him a big lot, like 300 pieces, which is what I would love because who doesn’t like creating a Lego house?! I will get him some various vehicle parts off eBay — I just discovered eBay lol and I love it :)  Here is a train set we got from Grandma last year :)


Human Body Models

We recently did a human body project and studied the body’s different systems.  My son was fascinated by all things body, so I know that he’ll love looking at these little models.  This is also for my husband too, in a way, because he enjoys getting down to the knitty gritty about scientific


Buzz Lightyear Costume

Pretend play is wonderful for young children :) I shared at Child-directed learning about how my John loves Buzz Lightyear, and he has made up so many wonderful costumes and variations and jetpacks so he can be Buzz. I love this creative side of my son. I also have heard his begging for a costume since he saw someone at Halloween in a costume. I thought, “Why am I withholding this from him?” It wa because I didn’t want him to not-create a costume. But this is silly. He creates capes and swords every day, he requests to wear his (mom made) Peter Pan costume and Spiderman costume (store bought) often. He is not ready to sew his own and he gets frustrated by imperfections, so I don’t know if trying to make his own Buzz costume would produce more joy than tears. So, he is getting this and I know it will be his favorite of the day.


Budsies Stuffed Animals

Turn your child’s work of art into a stuffed animal!!My son drew the most amazing picture of the human body, and we turned it into a stuffed animal!!  We haven’t received this yet (I’ll have a post about it soon), but this is seriously the coolest product!!

Jumbo Hand Spinning Top

Old Fashioned Spinning Top

My son loves twisting string and yarn and shoelaces to make little creations.  I know he’ll love this simple wooden toy.  Another stocking stuffer.

Vegetable Chopper with Wooden HandleA vegetable chopper

My son is no stranger to helping in the kitchen.  You can see him cutting strawberries and cutting vegetables.  But I really want him to have this vegetable chopper.

Glass Pitcher with Lid

A pouring pitcher

This pitcher may not seem like a Christmas gift.  But I have been wanting to give my son his own pitcher for a while.  We have other various pitchers, but he regularly spills with them all.  I think this one will be helpful with his small hands and his balance.

50 Science Things to Make & Do

50 Science Things To Make & Do

I am not a science teacher.  All things science come easily for my husband, but not for me.  This wonderful collection of science experiments for young children will be perfect for those moments when I need an activity.  I hope to share some on the blog :)  They include: natural science, chemistry, physics, light, and much more.  Each experiment includes detailed instructions and explanation.

And some items we already have that I think we should add to our list….


HABA Technics Wooden Blocks

I wrote a review on why I love these.  They are the perfect block, and my son can’t get enough of them!

Train Set

We get our train set out every couple of weeks, but when we do, the interest level soars, and John is literally driving trains for days.  Well worth the investment, in my opinion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list for gifts for four year olds!!  What are you getting your preschooler this year?  (I try to remember that less is definitely more!!)

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