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Gifts for Two Year Old Girls

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I am so excited to compile my list of gifts for two year old girls.  My daughter is a delight and I often feel so nostalgic watching her play.  I remember playing with my dolls and creating my own little worlds. I hope that my gift list can inspire her, as well as the little girl in you life!!

Gifts for two year old girls - Wildflower Ramblings

My daughter has a tender heart, who loves helping others and taking care of her brother and her babies.  My daughter loves purses and dolls and clothes.  I did not nurture this, it is just who she is.  She is often playing her her big brother’s blocks and trucks, so we already have plenty of those items — I want her to have some nice girly things that I may have neglected getting her sooner.  I am a strong believer in gifts are only for birthdays and Christmas and try to not spoil the kids (though I know I do).  Her gifts this year will appeal to her interests and I can’t wait to see her sweet face Christmas morning :)

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What doll do we have?  Well, a Fisher Price old-school hand me down from a friend.  Her daughter’s played with this doll, and now sweet May does.  I want to get her nice one, like this beautiful one from Corelle, though I am a bit afraid she may just want her old one.  We’ll see :)

A doll’s crib

We don’t have room for this, but I know my daughter will love it.  A sturdy wooden bed, for her to put her “shhh baby night night” (in her sweet whisper).

A doll’s diaper bag and accessories

Filled with a diaper, cream, and wipes, from Melissa & Doug.  A “purse” for her to feel like the mommy to her baby.  Just perfect.

And a bib and bottle for the baby, also Melissa & Doug.



Tegu Blocks

This will be a stocking stuffer for both my son and daughter. These magnetic blocks are amazing!! They are so fun to create with and even stick to the refrigerator. Perfect for keeping them busy Christmas morning.

Doctor’s Kit

She loves carrying purses around, so I know she’ll love this doctor’s kit, and since we didn’t have one before, I know she’ll enjoy learning about the different tools in this wooden kit.

Freddy Frog Hopper Ball

I splurged on this one when I saw it on sale — a perfect way to get out energy :)

Wavy Chopper

 Vegetable chopper

For cutting fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.  All children should of course be supervised, but this chopper helps the child be independent with their food while keeping their fingers safe.

Banana Slicer

A banana chopper

My little girl will get an absolute kick out of this simple tool.  She will want to use it over and over :)

Wooden Rolling PinSilicone Pastry MatNon-Stick Mini-Pie Pans

Tools for baking with mom

A rolling pin, a pastry mat, and little pie pans.  I have become a bit of a baker (okay that’s a stretch, but I am trying to bake my own pie crusts….) and the kids will love baking their own items all by themselves :)  I just need to remember that mess is okay :)

And items we already have that I highly recommend….


Schleich animals

May is always playing with these little guys and incorporating them into her play.  My kids will both be getting a couple of great apes and monkeys that came in a set.


Bristle Blocks

Grandma has these at her house and May love love loves to play with them and create!!  A wonderful block set for two year olds!!


HABA Blocks

My daughter loves playing with blocks lately.  She builds very tall towers, and then she, or her brother, crashes them down.  She loves to play with the animals and blocks together :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of gifts for two year old girls!  You can check out more wish lists here:


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