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simple water play

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Just a simple time of non-directed water play.  I took away (read : threw out, good riddance) their pretend food.  (You can check out more at our Reggio Inspired Playroom post.)  And now, the water, the sticks, the leaves, the flowers are their pretend food.  They have a bunch of kitchen ware to use, a combination of real and kid stuff and recycled items.  Don’t children always love what adults are using better?  Why do we bother with the colorful little plastic plates, etc?  Children feel respected when they are given the same items they see their parents use.  I intend to head over to Salvation Army to pick up some old pots and pans for 50cents a piece, as well as more realistic spoons and spatulas, so our collection will become more of an inspiration.

John and May’s play time was wonderful to watch.  I just sat back in a chair, watching them make soup and smoothies and hats and salt and wash dishes too.  Open ended play.  Just what they need and crave.

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