Here are some goals, schedule, resources, and material suggestions for at home pre-kindergarten. This age is so fun! Learning should never be drilled or forced! Allow your child to learn at their own interest level and ability level! Every child is different in their learning needs! I hope you enjoy some of these suggestions for Homeschool Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum.


  • Dictate and print all capital letters.
  • Begin to learn lower case letter names and match to their corresponding upper case letter.
  • Recognize and print numbers 1-10
  • Know all colors and shapes.
  • Sort groups and make patterns by shapes and colors.


  1. Bible Story
  2. Bible verse of the week
  3. Nursery rhyme of the week
  4. Handwriting activity
  5. Letter of the week activity
  6. Math activity
  7. Book of the week reading and activity



Memorizing the MomentsMommy & Me Animals curriculum 


  • I will be working through the Handwriting Without Tears My First School Book as my source for letter sequencing. I will begin with pre-writing practice, ABC Jesus Loves Me, has some excellent pre-writing pages that are free to download.  The  Handwriting Without Tears My First School Book begins with drawing shapes, then moves onto a well-sequenced writing of capital letters (not in alphabet sequence, but beginning with letters that use the same lines and half circles).
  • In addition to focusing on letters, numbers, and shapes, I will also utilize the themed printables that I began during Preschool (2 years).  These will be used in conjunction with seasons or activities or outings we will have.  (For example, using Thanksgiving printables during November or using a Zoo themed pack if we will be taking a trip to the zoo.)  Various Themed Printables can be found at: 1plus1plus1equals1, Homeschool Creations, and Mamas Monkeys.
  • Also,  if you don’t have a group of moms to go to for support, and for socialization for your child, try to find a local church or community center that has a play group once or twice a week.

Week Overview:

  • Every Day: Each morning begins with the Bible Story from God’s Little Explorers  (using the Betty Lukens felt set).  Then it is time for the bible verse, reciting the nursery rhyme (using PreKinder‘s color sheets to accompany).  We will also work through Big Thoughts for Little People each day.  On Monday, my son will color the nursery rhyme sheet, then I will display it on our bulletin board next to his letter of the week for us to look at each morning.
  • Monday: I will be creating each letter using Build-A-Letter templates (these are identical to the HWT wood pieces, but they are free to print!  I printed my letters on cardstock and I cut my pieces on to foam).  These help a child create the letters without writing them down. I think this is a great first step in learning to write their capital letters.
  • Tuesday: Children write the letter in HWT’s My First School Book, having been familiarized with it the day before with the Build-A-Letters and accompanying alphabet card.
  • Wednesday: Work on your letters with some handwriting worksheets from ABC Jesus Loves Me, depending on your child’s skill level.  I have printed and laminated these to use with a dry or wet erase marker.
  • Thursday: Children love to use tactile exploration. Experiment with writing the letter in some sand, rice, use a paint bag, letter bead lacing, letters with A-Z spoons, pick a craft stick with ABCs, or with a dollop of shaving cream on a table.  Be creative!
  • Friday: The letter craft can be as simple as you want. Cut out an M and have your child glue macaroni on it. Or draw an A outline and have your child glue or sticker on little colored apples. Totally Tots has some adorable, do-able letter-of-the-week crafts that I will try to use.

Here are our plans for Tot School (2s) and Preschool (3s).

And here are even more at home resources:

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