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Another life.  One I have longed for my whole life.  Another precious one.  Our longed for child.

All babies are very different.  Just when you think you’ve got it, you know what you’re doing, they change it up.  God lets you know that you aren’t in control.

So was my pregnancy with our third child.  This baby changed it up in every single way. 

Our third child is longed for and wanted.  Our first two are two years apart, and I figured that my third would be right in step.  But things happen.  For us, it wasn’t a struggle with fertility, it was my broken arm.  My arm became my baby for an entire year — a year full of tears and physical therapy.  But I am so thankful, because I have a high functioning left arm because of the time I took on it.

And it was my time in service with the Army.  I was required to attend a month long training in order to stay in the Army and maintain my rank.  I wanted to go, but there was an incredibly long wait list.  I waited for months.  And when I didn’t think I could wait any longer — because every month of waiting meant another month of not trying for a baby — I got the call that I could attend (in two days time) the August training.  This was difficult.  To pick up and leave my almost 5 year old (would turn 5 while I was gone, tear) and my almost 3 year old.  But we did it — my husband and I.  I left and they were taken care of.  God worked out the details and family and friends watched my precious ones.

So much waiting.  The next month, we tried, and praise God, we conceived. 

So our new little one is more than 3 1/2 years younger than our daughter.  I see the blessing in this.  I have two little helpers, less needy.  I had so much quality time with the older two before the new one arrived.  And things are peaceful (not really), but in moments, I am so thankful for this age gap.

And now, with only a month left before I meet him or her, I want to share with you our excitement and our joy.  Another reason I have been absent from writing or sharing here — I have been more focused on my family, my health, as well as our move from one home to our new home.  This season has not been without exhaustion, tears, frustration, worry, scares, feelings of inadequacy.  Pregnancy is hard.  But we are so, so blessed.  And we thank God each day.

Come little one, we are oh so ready to meet you and welcome you into our family.


Thank you for sticking around.  I hope to share wonderful news with you soon.  In the mean time here are my other two birth stories: my son and my daughter.

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