homeschooling through this winter

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We took things very slow.  Living was more like homeschooling this past winter.  As I shared in my last post, we moved homes.  We are now in our new home and it is truly a dream come true, a blessing from God.  But it was not without sacrifices.  I’m thankful my littles are young and forgiving.  Learning is through play and living.  Here’s a snapshot of some of what we tried to do.  I set up activities or exercises or art or reading when I could — sometimes once a week and sometimes three times a week and sometimes not at all.

But truly, truly, going to museums, playing with friends, their adaptability through these months were a learning time.  I’m thankful for my precious ones.  They are strong.  They tested their mom, but we all are stronger for it.


We found this fraction set and John loves it.

DSC03203 Painting the solar system and creating a space mobile. {affiliate link}DSC03207 DSC03209 Mapping out the world – connecting continents, oceans, and animals.DSC03042 Sorting our My Father’s World cutting pages using his Montessori Moveable Alphabet.DSC03043 New book title boxes from PaperPie are always very, very popular. John is reading the Big Book of the Body.DSC03086 Always the outdoorsman.  Shoveling snow and staying active.DSC03099 Becoming quite the master checker player.
DSC03454 Becoming a transformer airplane.DSC03288 Discovering fish at the local indoor gardens.DSC03344My world and my loves.

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