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around here: jamaica style


My love and I got to spend a week together in Jamaica last week.  It was an amazing time.  I missed my children beyond belief, I mean seriously, longing for their footsteps early in the morning.  Being away really puts things into perspective about what truly matters in life.  And to me, those little feet are what I live for.  But my husband and I had not been away for five years, since we went to Hawaii when I was seven months with child with our first.

This trip was much better.  Gorgeous sunsets and sea and rocks and flowers and just to be still.  We could not separate our honey-moon-time from the heart-wrenching people and culture of Jamaica.  And I know that Jamaica will be in my heart for years to come.  It was a trip of a lifetime which I am so thankful for — getting to spend time, without distraction, with my husband and for my marriage.

1920496_10104600187479233_1411867030450962723_n We stayed in the cliffs of Negril.  At the amazing Rockhouse.  I will be sharing more soon about this amazing organization, which funds and supports primary schools in Jamaica.
DSC05849 10846510_10104600194839483_6710098325785976589_n1461336_10104600192000173_5984295817119542191_n 1511427_10104600189849483_1535215568373947238_nDSC05918 DSC05926 DSC05940 DSC05993 We also spent our last nights at Tensing Pen.  Another beautiful boutique resort just down the road from the Rockhouse.  It was nice to get a feel for two different places.DSC05998 13992_10104600202179773_3224999281852776814_nDSC06030 DSC05938DSC06048 DSC06100 DSC06118 DSC06057DSC06008DSC0613010846341_10104600200248643_363959670348213299_n10850004_10104600200592953_8749581385293367617_n10389436_10104600201062013_95641699546452685_nWe had a wonderful getaway of sun, lounging, reading, sitting, thanking.  We chose to just reflect and not run around all week.  We didn’t go on excursions or trips.  We just were.  It was perfect.  But did ever miss my babies.  We’re so happy to be home.  So thankful for home.  Our health, running water, cool refrigerator, clean lawn, cars and gas, quiet nights, health insurance, books, tablets, the list goes on.  I will pray for Jamaica.

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! So happy you got time away with your husband. Sounds so wonderful

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