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11 Montessori items on my wishlist

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All week, I am sharing my gift wish lists.  I shared ideas for my three year old boy and my one year old girl.  And today is a list for me!  Well, it is for their learning, but this list consists of the items that I have been pining after for Montessori learning in our home.  

Montessori methods encourage a child to self-teach and self-correct.  The following list of tools are all items that I would love to have in my home to encourage  independence and self-learning.  

My hope is to have a home full of patience and understanding towards my children as they seek to learn and discover the world around them!


I don’t have the Pink Tower.  This tool teaches mathematics and spacial recognition.  There are many extension activities one can use with this important set.  Many of the below items are also available at Montessori Outlet.


I also want to buy the Brown/Broad Stairs.  Living Montessori Now and Montessori Works have extension ideas and free resources.


I have wanted these Knobless Cylinders for some time.  Check out Living Montessori Now for learning and extension ideas.


The Knobbed cylinders also come in sets and offer geometry and spatial lessons for learning.


I have wanted this Kitchen Helper for my little guy ever since he could stand next to the counter.  Now that my girl is getting older and my son has been using an (unsafe) stool, it is time to let my husband know that, yes, we need this.


This moveable alphabet is an amazing tool for helping beginning readers.  I plan on purchasing this down the road — here is an amazing post from Living Montessori Now to further explain this learning tool.


The Long Red Rods teach measurement, dimension, and problem solving skills.


And this Numeral and Counter Set teaches number to object correlation for hands-on learning.


Geometric Shapes give children many hands on learning activities with different shapes.  These are all the same color which aids in having to distinguish by shape.


The last two items on my wish list are Reggio inspired.  You can learn more about Reggio learning at Exploring Reggio from The Imagination Tree.

Light table or trays are not in my el budget-o, but they help a child explore their environment as scientists! (This one is a little less expensive!)


Check our Racheous Lovable Learning (picture below) to learn more about discovering shadows, light, and reflections, and nature with light tables!  And Next Comes L also has great learning ideas!

Racheous - Loveable Learning nature on the light table

I’m also going to try to make this Reggio Mirror Box!  You can read more and see Anna’s DIY version at The Imagination Tree with her post on Exploring Shapes and Patterns!

Playing with shapes and symmetry on a mirror box

You may also be interested in seeing my post on making your own Montessori Alphabet Box.








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    1. Thanks, Emma :) I am learning too — basically it’s just natural toys and letting the child lead the learning!! Thank for commenting — heading over to your blog ;)

  1. Roxanne Robinson says:

    You can make many Montessori materials on your own. I love the Montessori Print Shop. They have many free printables. The other materials are very inexpensive. You could also make a light table. There are DIY sites on Pinterest. I made one using a shadow box, clear checkered contact paper, and tap on lights purchased at Menards. You could use a clear plastic storage box instead of a shadow box. Don’t get discouraged with the price of the Montessori materials they are worth it and last forever!

    1. Thanks Roxanne — we have been wanting to make a Light Box for a while — Danya Banya has a great tutorial :) We have invested in a couple of items recently, and you’re right, very worth it!!

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