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What is the Montessori Pink Tower and how does it benefit a child’s sensorial development and growth?  How do I present it to my child?

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The pink tower helps children develop visual discrimination with three dimensional objects.  Eventual concepts learned through  manipulation of the pink tower are the decimal system, geometry, and volume.

Intentionally preparing the environment for a student with care and precision will set her up for success in this exercise.  Usually this is done in an uncluttered space, on a mat where the child can keep things visually situated. There are many ways to build the pink tower, and I wanted to see how my daughter would do it without any prompting from me.

There are many ways to extend the initial building of the tower, and adding the Montessori Brown Stair, for instance, which I hope to acquire at a sale of some sort just like we obtained our well-loved pink tower.

There is a “correct” way to present a child with any Montessori material, whether it is related to sensorial, practical life, mathematics, or language.  You are to sit down with the child and demonstrate, clearly and concisely, using your thumb and index finger to pick up the blocks, and place them on the larger blocks.  I did not do this.  Particularly because I wanted her to explore the materials on her own.  I wanted to express to her that there is no right or wrong way.  However, I do show her the new materials and ask her what she’d like to do with it.
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