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hitting dandelions with a bat

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I actually don’t mind dandelions.  The little yellow flowers come and go quickly enough.  And my children love them!  We aren’t perfectionists around here, so they can stay!  (And the greens on them are edible, delicious, and healthy!)  We don’t do pesticides or fertilizer, so it’s good to think positively, eh?

Well, when these little weeds turn into the tiny white seeds, they are so fun for children!!  All you need to do is hand your child  a bat and they will begin to learn hand-eye coordination while developing gross motor muscle skills!  Smacking those white puffs explode is a great joy for children  John loved it last year!

Shedding a little tear about how young he is here — his curly locks are now straight — his little diapered butt — that little whiny face is still here — but he is thinner — oh he is still my baby — time escapes me and I must watch and wait and delight in them.

DSC05263-002 DSC05260 DSC05283 DSC05259DSC05262 DSC05257

Need more dandelion ideas?  Check out Playing with Dandelions at Teaching Mama for two more ideas or making dandelion crowns!


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