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Bible Verses for Moms: Setting a Biblical Example with our Speech {free printable!}

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Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys has written an amazing series on her blog called the Biblical Boyhood Series.  

In one of her posts, Setting an Example of Biblical Speech {A Challenge for Moms}, she writes beautifully and honestly about the need for our tongues to speak wholesomeness and kindness to our children.  I certainly need a daily reminder of this.  Sarah has given her blessing for me to share printables with the verses she selected.

My hope is that they will bless you as they remind us to set an example of Biblical speech to our children.  Four verses to help us to have a wise and gentle tongue.  This is a needed challenge for me.

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You can download the Bible Verses here.


I hope you check out all of Sarah’s posts on Biblical Boyhood (and these can certainly apply to girls too!):

Part 1:  The Heart of a Hero

Part 2:  Fighting, Retaliation, and Bullies

Part 3:  Setting an Example of Biblical Speech:  A Challenge for Moms

Part 4:  Setting an Example of Biblical Speech Part 2

Part 5:  Brothers as Friends

Part 6:  Entertainment

Part 7:  Dealing with Sibling Fighting and Rudeness

Part 8:  Self Control, Part 1

Part 9: Self Control, Part 2 (Carelessness, Wasting and Being Destructive)

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  1. Oh boy, do I need these! My tongue always needs a bridle, and I don’t always apply it to the harm of the ones I love the most. Thanks for sharing these. I will share them with others!

  2. This email was an answer to prayer today. Thank you! I am putting them on my bedroom wall so they will be a reminder as soon as I start my day. The Biblical Boyhood verses are also well timed for my three little makers of mayhem :)

    1. Hi, Mel! I am so glad that they are a blessing to you!! I hope to make more of these as I feel inspired :)

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