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One of my strongest passions is sharing with mothers and families that you can home educate your child. Your child does not need to spend the day away from you, or a half day here and there, to be successful in reading or “school” in the future. I understand that some families, and parents, don’t have this passion — to educate or spend time with their own children. This is perfectly fine. There are so many wonderful preschool programs that edify a child’s soul! I’ve seen Montessori classrooms, Waldorf classrooms, all-in-nature schools, Spanish immersion preschools that are all absolutely wonderful. I’ve even had the thought — am I holding my own child back by keeping them at home? No matter what our choices, we will second guess them. Isn’t that what parenting is sometimes about? But I can tell you, now that my youngest is growing, that I will never regret the days and moments we spent together. We’ve bonded. We’ve smiled, I’ve seen the joy on her face when she accomplished something or realized something! What happiness is this?!

I want to add, that my youngest does not have high needs like another child I have. If you have a high needs child, sometimes the best place for them is with others, who can come into your family’s life and give you the grace you need. Whether that’s time away or time equipping you on what is needed.

Whatever you choose, I pray God’s blessing on you and on your heart.

If you want to bring your child home, there is a way.

I love to share what has worked for us in our homeschool — I have changed so many things up over the years! What I realized, for my youngest, is that I couldn’t put up regular tot trays, like I could for my older two. And that’s okay! Our family life has changed, and I’ve needed to focus on the older children’s education too! Here I share a sweet curriculum we tried and loved. We focused less on the alphabet and more on a character based curriculum. Our daughter was also using our Montessori Alphabet letters as well as our Montessori alphabet box to become familiar with the letters and the sounds in a very low pressure and fun environment! We also included sensory time and practical life activities as well as nature walks and nature journaling as we were able to, which meant most weeks!


My Father’s World Animal Train

Rod and Staff Activity Books

PaperPie Activity Books

First Magic painting

Little Coloring books


preschool homeschool

We have enjoyed this gentle time together. I hope this have given you ideas for your own time with your children! See more here:

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Three year old preschool in our gentle homeschool

preschool 3 years old


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