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Welcome to our Language Learning Series, an exciting journey towards mastering the English language for the youngest learners. This series goes beyond the basics of letter recognition and phonetics. It aims to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of English, including its sounds and structures as they do simple things such as listen and speak. 

Literacy encompasses various dimensions, such as reading, writing, listening, observing, and expressing.

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Our series focuses on developing phonological and phonemic awareness in children through oral instruction. The Language Learning Series is designed to assist you in nurturing this vital skill. The key to achieving literacy success lies in the ability to discern individual sounds within words. By honing their auditory perception, children can connect these sounds to corresponding letters. As they learn letters, they will gradually form words, sentences, and ideas, laying a strong foundation for comprehension and literacy.

Join us in this enriching Language Learning Series as we delve into these topics and more. Let’s embark on a rewarding educational journey together!

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This FREE eBook will guide you through the ten steps towards language mastery with your young child.

You can see all of the Learning Language posts, with Teaching Tools packed into each post, or you can here:

  1. What is phonological awareness?
  2. Why is rhyming an important language skill? {free nursery rhyme printable}
  3. What is phonemic awareness?
  4. How can I help my child develop phonemic awareness?
  5. How can I teach onsets and rimes?
  6. What is the importance of counting syllables in words?
  7. How can I help my child create sentences and count words in sentences?
  8. How to create a solid vocabulary from infancy?
  9. What is phonics and how do we begin reading?
  10. How can I help my child grow in language learning before reading?
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