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best preschool books for the letter Ff

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Here is our list of the best preschool books for the letter Ff!  Reading opens a world of imagination and creativity for our children. If I read to each of my children each day, both together and individually, than the day is a success!

books for children for the letter f

One of the main reasons why we do a letter of the week style preschool at home is to encourage me to continue to read new books, do new activities, introduce new vocabulary. For our letter of the week, I will usually find a small stack of books and read them at breakfast time and try to emphasize the “Ff” at the beginning of words. We cycle through the small stack throughout the week during meal or other quiet times in the day. This is a fun way to read new books and reinforce some beginning sound phonics work.

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Reading benefits a child’s mind, a child’s speech, a child’s life. You can read more about why reading is one of the most important things you can do with your baby or child at 10 reasons to read to your child.

I am making a preschool list for all of our favorite books from A to Z. And here is our preschool book list for the Letter Ff!! {You can see a detailed explanation for our preschool plans here : next round of the alphabet, for our preschool.}

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Our list for the Best Preschool Books for the Letter F


Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel are my favorite series of books for early readers. Frog and Toad go on the craziest of adventures, and they always have the other in mind, to be helpful, to cheer up, or to just be a great friend. My son loves these stories — and so do I — it’s so wonderful to share these books from own childhood with him. The series also includes Frog and Toad All Year, Frog and Toad Together, and Days with Frog and Toad.


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss celebrates childhood with silly rhymes and characters. Children naturally gravitate towards Seuss’ illustrations and poetry. A great book for bedtime or anytime.

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Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss is another rhyming classic. Seriously, Dr. Seuss has thought of it all. This book is wonderful for teaching rhymes and word endings.

download (2)

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss shares the love of feet with the youngest reader.  His silly rhymes and signature pictures make children fall in love with all kinds of feet!

download (3)

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London tells the story of a little frog who just doesn’t want to stay asleep for the winter. He puts on all of his winter gear as his mom yells from the window that he forgot something. Again and again he forgets clothing items as his mom is sneakily coaxing him to get back to bed like a normal frog.

download (4)

Frogs by Gail Gibbons, a non-fiction book, brings a child through the metamorphosis of the frog’s life cycle. Gibbons’ always direct and colorful illustrations keep a child’s eyes mesmerized by the subject matter.

download (5)

The Foolish Tortoise by Eric Carle is the story of a tortoise who doesn’t want to be slow anymore. He decides to be fast by taking off his shell. But he then realizes why he has his shell in the first place.

download (12)

The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle expresses the loneliness that can come without having friends. A sweet firefly searches and searches for a companion in this story by the always colorful Carle.

download (6)

Sam and the Firefly by P.D. Eastman shares the sweet story of the nocturnal owl, Sam, and his mischevious friend Gus the Firefly.  My son loves this sweet book about friendship and doing the right thing even when it’s not the fun things!

download (7)

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf tells the tale of a sweet bull who just wants to sit and smell the flowers. I laugh because this book has special meaning to my mom and her husband, who has a love for flowers just the same.

download (8)

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow is a fun rhyme, and sometimes song, that can teach children about numbers. A fun circle time book for children!!

download (9)

Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems is a sweet book about perseverance. A little Pig wants to fly and declares to his friend Elephant that he will fly TODAY. The elephant isn’t so sure… but he sticks around to encourage his friend, and bring him back down to reality.

download (10)

Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer tells the story of a little boy who does not heed the instructions of the man who formerly owned the little fish he buys.  The fish grows and grows and grows in this humorous tale.

download (11)

The Fire Cat by Esther Averill is about a misfit cat who can’t seem to make friends or keep friends.  He is always mischevious until he gets himself into trouble and needs the Fire Department.  Then, he realizes he might just want to become a Fire Cat.  A sweet story about how a heart can change for good.

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales by Heather Amery is a book reading memories are made of! This delightful book contains 20 of the popular Farmyard Tales stories. Young children will love Stephen Cartwright’s charming illustrations of life on Apple Tree Farm, and the gently amusing stories of Mrs. Boot, the farmer, her children Poppy and Sam, and their animals, Rusty the dog, Curly the pig, and Woolly the sheep. And there’s a little yellow duck hiding on every page!

Fair Shares by Pippa Goodhart Bear and Hare try to reach some juicy pears, but they need some help. Hare finds three chairs, but is it fair that Hare has two chairs and Bear only one? When they have the same, Hare still can’t reach the pears! So a little friend teaches them that fair isn’t always everyone getting the same thing… with hilarious results! A beautifully simple picture book that considers, “what is fair?” The answer is not always as simple as you’d think!

Feed the Animals by Bernd Penners Animal friends are hungry and you can feed them! Choose from the five food pieces, drop them in the slot, and help fill their empty tummies.

Firefighter by Dan Green Help the busy firefighter as she slides down the pole, rolls out the hose, and puts out the fire. This interactive book models the daily routine of firefighters through cleverly constructed flaps, simple, friendly text, and charming illustrations.

Food Fight by Alex Latimer The Fruits and the Vegetables have always been fighting, but Grape and Mushroom decide it’s time for a change. The intrepid pair set off on the arduous climb to the Top Shelf to seek The Wise Old Cheese. Will he be able to help?

The Friendly Dragon retold by Lesley Sims Sam’s best friend is a dragon, but when the townsfolk find out, they are terrified. “Send for St. George, the dragon fighter,” they cry. Now it’s up to Sam to save her friend. Specially written for little children, with online audio to listen to the story.

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