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24 Preschool Chants by Month {free printable!}

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grab the free monthly preschool chants now!

This FREE printable pack includes 24 preschool chants – two for each month of the year! Your child or student will love learning these fun and catchy preschool chants as you learn together!

I hope your children will enjoy these free monthly preschool chants as much as we have!  These fun, catchy rhymes are perfect for helping children learn about seasons, months, themes, and phonemic awareness.

24 Preschool Chants by Month {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

Recitation is so important and beneficial for little minds.  These catchy and sweet preschool chants and poems are fun and educational for little ones!  Every month includes two cute rhyming poems that you can review and memorize with your child!  You can do extension activities with these too —  I hope to post our ideas as the months go by this new year :)

There are many ways you could use these printables….



Download the Preschool Chants Now! The Preschool Chants are available for FREE here!

Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I hope I can be a further resource to you in the future. I hope these chants will benefit you and your children as well. Please let me know how you are using the monthly preschool chants! Enjoy!

monthly preschool chants free

Please share on Pinterest and comment below to let me know how you are using these with your little ones!!  I hope they are a blessing to you and your family!

monthly preschool chants free printable

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Special thanks to The Perpetual Preschool for permission to use many of these poems and chants!

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  1. These are super great! I love the photography. I’ve added them to our Circle Time board on Pinterest! Thanks for your hard work!

      1. Hi! LOVE them, but I do not have a Facebook account! Is there anyway I can get them? Please?? : )

          1. i also don’t use facebook is there any way i may get these monthly chants Please?

          2. Absolutely adore your work! These would be great for my little guy. However, I also do not have a Facebook account. Would you be willing to email them, please?

      2. Hi, I too would love to gain access to the printables. I run a children’s gardening class and I am trying to incorporate more songs into my curriculum and overall learning environment.

  2. These are just precious! My almost 3-year old will love them. He’s memorized many of his favorite books and I think poetry will be an excellent addition to his routine :)

    Stopping by from Family Fun Friday. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love this and this will go to such great use in my home daycare. Thanks for sharing!! Off to grab it :)

  4. Thank you! These are wonderful! Just what I needed. I know my little ones will benefit from these. God has blessed you with much creativity!

  5. Awesome! Freebies at the start of the year! My kids will definitely love these. I love the artwork too!

  6. They are adorable and so kind of you to share. Thank you for linking up with MotivationalMonday

  7. I have a preschooler who will love these! Thanks for the printable! I didn’t realized you could share PDF downloads via facebook this way – learn something new every day!

    Thanks for linking up at the Afterschool blog hop :)

    1. Thanks!! Yes, Maryanne, check out WooBox, it was a little difficult to get the hang of, but look under FB static tabs :)

  8. These are fantastic. Recitation is very important for little learners. These chants are super cute and sure to be fun for kids.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  9. Hi! I love your website! I homeschool my 5 year old son (and 2 year old son and 2 month old daughter!) I am not on Facebook but I would love to print off your 24 preschool chants by month. Is this possible? Thanks!

  10. Is there anyway to be able to get these other than through facebook? I do not have a facebook page anymore.

  11. Love your blog and site! Definitely “Like” your content, would love your downloads, but I do not have a FB account.

  12. Hi , I would love to use these in my preschool classroom but I can’t get them to download ! I liked your Facebook page, but don’t see a free tab.

    1. Hi, Kathleen — it doesn’t work on iPads or phones, I’ve been told, as well as with certain browsers — I sent you an email :)

  13. These are beautiful! May I ask a huge favour please? Is it possible to get these with the Southern Hemisphere seasons? Thank you :-)

  14. Love these and would definitely use them with my 4 kiddos ages 5 & under but I am not on FB, no time for it currently. Is there another way to access the printables?

  15. I have to tell you that my 3 year old is obsessed with your firefighter poem. We have it posted on the wall and he asks me to say it with him daily. He’s made up motions and everything. Thank you so much!

  16. Hi! I teach preschool and would love to have these but I am not on Facebook! Is there another way to get them? Thank you! :)

  17. Thank you so much for the preschool chants. The are so cute! I can’t wait to share them with my grandbabies!!!

    Thanks, again!

  18. I love your printables! They are great. Unfortunately, I don’t get the option of downloading them even though I’ve liked and followed your page for quite a while. I’m using Safari, but I tried Chrome too. No luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

  19. Like a few others, I am unable to get the option to download these. I also teach preschool and would love to use them in class. Thank you for posting them.

    1. Jody, have you tried getting onto Facebook on a non-mobile device? If that still doesn’t work, please email me!

  20. Omgosh! I just came upon this and your website! My girls learned several of these last year as our monthly rhyme. And I’m a former Kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home homeschooling mom! I suddenly felt like I ran into a kindred spirit! :) Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to dig a little deeper into your website!

  21. Hi there! I am not on facebook, but would love to get the chants and poems. I would be so grateful if you could send me an email! My husband and I have 6 children, 21, 20, 6, 4, 2, and 1. We homeschooled the two oldest all the way from preschool-graduation, and are busy with the younger ones grade 2 and K, and preschool!!!

  22. Thanks so much, it was exactly what I was looking for!

  23. Hi Amy,
    I love the look of these chants! However I don’t Facebook. Is there any way you could sent me a link to it? Thanks for all you are doing here!

  24. No Facebook acct., but would oVE to have these.

  25. JeanneMarie ZaniRicci says:

    These are great….but I don’t have a facebook account. Is there any way I can still get them?? Thank you!

  26. Hello! I would love a copy of these chants. I liked your facebook page but do not seem to find the download? Thanks!

    1. You may not be able to see it from mobile, if you are Safari or Chrome, you will see a blue tab labeled FREE on the left hand side!

  27. I am trying to download your monthly chants. I liked you on Facebook, and also signed up for your newsletter. Any suggestions/ help would be appreciated!

  28. Maralee Sjerven says:

    I’m another non-facebooker who would love these. Could you email me too please? Also thank for all the ideas. You are just about my favorite homeschool blog. My two middle kids LOVE making the felt animals and you always seem to have something useful in your emails. Thanks again!

  29. Elizabeth Lacey says:

    I don’t use Facebook, but I would love these for my 4 year old twin boys, is there any way I can get a copy. Thank you.

  30. Hi, I’ve been following you for a while now and I was revisiting some of the things I’ve printed out, including these chants. I’m wondering if they all have a nursery rhyme to sing along with, or just the ones that indicate which tune? If a tune isn’t indicated, do you just speak it?

    1. Yes, Leanne, I just speak them, you’ll notice that there is a rhythm to the rhymes of the other chants that don’t have a tune indicated! Hope that helps :)

  31. I am interested. Youre a very big help for teachers like me…

  32. I never received my second letter with the download link

  33. I signed up for the chants but never got a second email for them. I also checked my spam folder. Can you help?

    1. Hi, I am subscribed to your newsletter, but its been about a week or so and I have not received a link to the lego cards or preschool chants. I did get an email with other links to pages like the homeschool essentials and such. Would you be able to email the link to me? Thank you! I loooooovvveee your site!

  34. I downloaded the 24 preschool chants and saved them to my computer. I’m not able to open what I saved. Is there a way that I can get them again?

  35. How do I download the preschool chants? I AM receiving emails from you.

  36. I subscribed and went to the link but now it just says activated and I cannot access the free printables.

      1. Tanya Seddon says:

        I am trying to print the chants as well and they come on one page?? How do I get each individual chant on it’s own sheet?

  37. Hello, I have found your blog recently while trying to plan my sons preschool here at home. I think i have signed up before to be able to print some of your printables but now i dont see how i sign in or understand how your site works. sorry, lol but would you email me back with directions.

    thanks &
    God bless

  38. Hi
    I would love to get the Lego cards for my grandsons but I haven’t received a second e-mail. I don’t see anyway to download them. Am I doing something wrong?. I subscribed to your site.

  39. Elizabeth Cole says:

    I subscribed and then forgot to use the correct password! Can this be fixed so I can still get the free printables?

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