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Alphabet Lego Cards: Uppercase {free printable!}

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Free ABC Lego Cards – Uppercase!

Grab our Free Alphabet Lego Cards in Uppercase here! Using these cards at home or in your preschool is a wonderful hands-on and low-pressure way to introduce and reinforce letter sounds with your child! I hope you enjoy these Lego Cards as much as we have!

Alphabet Lego Cards - Uppercase {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

We are loving our ABC Lego Cards and know you will too!! These Free Alphabet Lego Cards will help your child get excited about learning letters and sounds!! We absolutely love Legos over here. And when my son wanted to begin building non-stop with his Duplos, I decided to make some letters and then decided to take pictures and make these simple cards! All of my children have loved and enjoyed the ABC Lego Cards and I hope yours does too!!

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Legos.  Is there any other toy that a little boy needs?  My son plays with his Lego Duplos every day.  We picked up a huge Lego Duplo box at a garage sale (score!) and have received some smaller sets as gifts — the Farm set and Construction set.

My son was wondering what I was building one day when I set out an A, B, C, and D in Legos.  “Mom!” He yelled when he realized. He was so excited.  He helped me find the various Duplos that I needed to build the letters.  I used mathematical language — twos, threes, and fours — this lended itself to math extension work!

My photos are imperfect, but I made some fun Lego Alphabet cards for him.  I hope that these cards will help him build the Uppercase Letters in Legos on his own.  {We are working on uppercase letters right now in our Tot School.  Check out my Early Literacy Stage 1 for why we chose to start with uppercase.}

Alphabet Lego Cards - Uppercase {free printable!}


My son was so excited to see these cards — I laminated them and attached them with a ring binder — he wanted to sleep with them at night :)


Download the ABC Uppercase Lego Cards by clicking here!

Thank you so much for supporting my blog, and I hope I can be a further resource to you in the future.  I hope Free ABC Lego Cards will benefit you and your children as well.  Please let me know how you are using the alphabet lego cards!


You can now check out my new Lowercase Alphabet Lego Cards here!

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Free printable ABC Lego Cards!
grab the free Cards

Grab our ABC LEGO Cards for Free!

These hands on play tool is incredible for learning letters, sounds, as well as fine motor skills! Join thousands of other parents and educators and grab it now!

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      1. Clarissa Wurr says:

        I love this idea of yours to introduce the Alphabet to my pre-schoolers

  1. I LOVE These! My children will LOVE these! That makes me happy!
    <3 Thank you so much!

  2. My 4 year-old grandson is a Lego addict and these will be great for him to complete
    learning his alphabet as well as little brother that is one year old. Thanks!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! My (barely) 5 is a Lego kid, heart and soul. I can’t wait to show these to him, he’s going to love them!

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful download. We used it in Preschool today and the kids loved it! Thanks for the time you put into it and for providing it for free. (I totally would have paid you for it if you ever decide to charge for the download!!)

    1. Thanks Keri!! I love hearing stories like this!! I hope you direct any of your parent’s students to my site so they can download it too :) I will have more free printables coming up so I hope you come back :)

  5. So fun! I just printed these out and my boys are hunting down all the legos so we can make them :) Thank you!

  6. Do you have a printable with the Lego lowercase letters? If not, when do you expect them to be available?

    1. Hi, Melody, my son is still focused on uppercase letters right now, so I won’t be making them for at least another 6 months or so — thanks for your interest.

  7. Thank you so much. Our precious little boy thanks you, too. :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing…my kindergartners will love this next year when we learn about letters and build them!

  9. Thankyou for sharing your cards. They are fantastic.

  10. Lana Ghimpu says:

    Hi! I signed up for your news letter but did not get the Lego ABC download. What I did see I could not download. Please help. Lana

  11. Thank you sooooo much for the alphabet legos:}}}} My kinder kiddos will LOVE these!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh thank you Autumn!!!! Please send/email pics (if you can without faces) and I’ll post them on my FB page :)

  12. I joined and now I can’t seem to get to my freebies! It says “Already activated”. I logged in from my phone, but couldn’t print, so now I am home and trying to access them. Help!



  13. Becky Soto says:

    First of all, thanks for sharing all your great ideas!! You are amazing!! Secondly, I signed up for your newsletter and received an email to confirm subscription but have not received a second email to print out Lego cards. Can you help? Thanks again!

    1. Evelize de Graaf says:

      Very nice cards!

  14. Hi, I would love to download these for my little guy! I subscribed but never received another email to download these. Can you please help me?? Thanks! :)

  15. Hi, my girl loves lego very much.. I have subscribed but haven’t receive my second email too. Your pages are amazing!

  16. Please send the Lego cards! Thanks! <3 they look wonderful.
    I teach a french immersion kindergarten class and I think once laminated the children would love these!

  17. I am still unable to print out the lego alphabet cards, that we are supposed to receive when we register.

  18. Thanks Amy for sharing.

    I love this site.

  19. I can’t wait for my students to work with these cards.

  20. Miranda Toutenhoofd says:

    alphabet lego cards

  21. I m very interest who d’on’t learn to read

  22. These look fun. Thank you for sharing.

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