All I need…. is a bay leaf

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I made soup last night.  I added all sorts of yummy and healthy ingredients — tomatoes, chicken stock, onions, ground beef, corn, green beans, sea salt.  I tasted it about 30 minutes into boiling, and it was awful.  What do I do?!  God spoke to me, “Add a bay leaf.”  :) And I did.  About 15 minutes later, and the soup was amazing.


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  1. So I found your blog from a comment you left on The Healthy Home Economists post about tetanus. You need to share that salve that your husbands grandpa makes! I’ve heard that poultices are really the only good use for tobacco… :-)

    1. Yes, I have been asking him; and his aunt does have the recipe, so if I find it I will email it to you! (And post it!!) :)

  2. My mom always made soup with bay leaves. Sometimes we would find them still floating in the soup in our bowls.

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