the best & easiest frosting for {gluten free} sugar cookies

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It was so exciting to make after-Christmas sugar cookies with my son last week.  It was our first real time in the kitchen together since breaking my arm.  I was so thrilled to be cooking again with my sweet boy.

I tried a frosting recipe that didn’t work, so I tried making my own, and it was glorious!  It is delicious, it hardens nicely, and it is so easy to make!  Doesn’t it look amazing, despite my poor frosting skills …


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Whisk together in a stainless bowl:


Makes enough frosting for 2 dozen cookies.  The blue food coloring brightens the frosting from the dullness that the vanilla may have made.  The color worked perfectly for us.

ps — We are gluten-free around here, and though I’d like to make cookies from scratch, I don’t.  There are certain brands that I use for certain things.  I use Bob’s Red Mill Shortbread Mix for sugar cookies.  They are wonderful.  However, I do change it up a bit. I add 2 teaspoons real vanilla and at least 2 more tablespoons of raw milk to get a wet enough dough to roll out and cut the cookies!  They stay together very well after refrigerating for at least an hour.  My son had a blast rolling out the dough and eating them too :)






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