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fall sensory bin {with homemade pumpkin play dough!}

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Fall is a beautiful season.  Leaves, pumpkins, gourds.  So much to see and learn and explore through a child’s eyes.

My children absolutely loved this sensory bin!!  I was so excited, as this is the first one that May could really join John.  I purposely made this bin completely safe for her (no choking hazards!)  And!  John let her play next to him and was very sweet (?!) with her!! ♥

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

I wanted the bin to be fall-themed, so it was easy to go outside and pick up some leaves as the “base” of this bin.  I bought some gourds at the store yesterday, so that was taken care of too.  Next, I included a few orange items I had lying around: blocks, builders, buttons. I would have added acorns to the bin, too, but I wanted it to be entirely baby-proofed so I didn’t.  I also included a sweet pumpkin basket that I picked up from a re-sale shop when I went on a basket-craze.

And the play-dough!!  I was so excited to find a gluten free, edible, homemade pumpkin play dough recipe from Asia at Fun at Home with Kids.  My son is gluten-free and can’t touch flour, so it is sometimes sad when I can’t make some of the flour-based sensory activities that I see on Pinterest.  But this one is perfect for my sweet, sensitive boy!

This play-dough was the easiest thing I’ve ever made — Check out Fun at Home with Kids for the recipe!

I was so surprised, and happy!, that my son loved this as much as he did.  He is pretty particular about getting his hands not dirty, but for some reason (yeah!!), he didn’t mind with the pumpkin play dough!  We will be using this bin a lot this month — though there is some clean-up involved. But so what, look at their sibling love! ♥

Here is their fun and creativity —

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

They both loved feeling and tasting the play dough!

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

Scooping the play dough!

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

Pressing the dough with pumpkins!  “Circles, mom!”

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

Even, gasp!, sharing!

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

Beautiful day for some fall exploration.

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

John lined up some blocks filled with the play dough.

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

He was so proud of his work.

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

Fall Sensory Bin by Wildflower Ramblings

How have you celebrated the fall?

Do you have any sensory bins you’ve shared? I’d love to see them!






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  1. Oh I love this and will pin it and try it out! I can smell the play dough! Will you come share this with my sensory play party?

  2. Could you give measurements? I live in Asia and am not from the states so a ‘box of cornstarch’ is an unknown for me. Thanks! Enjoying your blog though only came across it today.

    1. Hi, Anna! I would say it is about 2 cups or more. I kept adding and adding until it felt firm and not sticky — so just estimate what feels best for you! Hope that helps….. ♥

  3. Oooo, I am thinking I’ll have to make up a basket of nature “goodies,” too! I love the pictures– your backyard (or I am assuming it is), is gorgeous! How peaceful!

    1. Thanks, Kristina!! Yes, we are fortunate to have this as our backyard — I feel blessed every day :) Blessings.

  4. What a fun idea. We’re featuring your post on Share It Saturday this week over at Sugar Aunts. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Just made this today and both of my children 5 and 1 loved it! What do you recommend for storage? I have it in a tupperware container but do you think it should be refrigerated?

    1. I’m so sorry, Jennifer, I just saw your comment and “unspammed it”! Yes, I keep it refrigerated in a plastic bag. I should have written that in the post!! I will add it. It lasts about a week, depending how comfortable you are with “old pumpkin” in your child’s hands :)

  6. This is a great idea Amy! Love the recipe for pumpkin play dough. Looks like the babes had fun!

  7. Thank you! My class of one year olds is trying it out tomorrow! I had lots of fun squishing it with my hands, just hope the kiddos do too!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this idea! Have made bunches of “Fall”-scented play dough but not this recipe. Looking forward to it! K.

  9. Hi Amy,
    I loved your fall sensory bin. And shared it in my today’s post with a link to you. I hope you like it too! It’s a wonderful way to put the fall pumpkins to good use :) xx

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