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Fizzy Ocean Sensory Bin

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Since we just finished O week, I wanted it to end with a “bang”!  Or a “fizz”!  And Asia at Fun at Home with Kids had the most incredible idea!!  I love all the hands-on, sensorial ideas on her site and I knew my son would love a Fizzy Ocean Sensory Bin.  Check out her post on it to see how the fizzy explosion works!

It is a baking soda and vinegar masterpiece!


All you need to do is compile a couple of ingredients and a little imagination: squeeze bottles from Amazon, you can get 6 for $9.99vinegar with blue food coloring, baking soda, Ocean Toobs, some shells I found at Michael’s, and little rocks I had laying around into a bin.

This is the perfect bin.

However, my son refused to play with it.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  Every time I brought it out and tried to present it, he was adamantly opposed to trying it.  He has been this way with Tot School and some of the activities I plan.  And it’s okay.  He wants to play with trucks, Legos, skid loaders.  I’m not going to force him to do something this fun.  He has other interests.  Those interests do not include crayons and bins, sometimes, and that’s okay.

PicMonkey Collage

Eventually, he caved.  I set it up for the third time, this time not outside, but in the kitchen, and he decided that it looked interesting.  He loved the bubbles the vinegar and baking soda made.  He refused to touch anything — didn’t want to get his hands “dirty”.  He did grab the little Toobs as they came out of their shells.  He played for about 5 minutes, then asked, “Can I go outside and play with my skid loader, now?”

But I love that little smile in this picture:


May, my sweet almost-eleven-month old, on the other hand, was very upset that I made her sit in my lap while her brother “played”.  She really wanted to try the bin and couldn’t believe I wasn’t letting her.  (There were many small objects, and she is still putting everything in her mouth.)  So I made her a bin quick.

Blue-colored water with some Toobs.  She loved it.  More than her brother.  All she needs is a little water with a couple themed objects (see: Baby Play: Rings in Water.)  I need to remember to do this for her all the time!  She couldn’t get there fast enough:


I hope you try this fun and easy idea — please share your unique sensory bins with me!

And if you haven’t seen it, check out Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter’s Sensory Bins ebook!






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  1. The photos are beautiful! Glad your little miss got to join in the fun!!!

  2. Just pinned this to my sensational sensory board. Nice photos!

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