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best no cook play dough for fall

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 We made the easiest and best no cook play dough this week for fall.  This play dough is very simple and quick to make and provides a wonderful time of imaginative play and exploration for children.


We explored No Cook Play dough for our 12 Months of Sensory Dough this month, and wow, is this a game changer.  Ever since we are able to use gluten/flour for our sensory play, the play dough is oh so much more moldable and soft.  I didn’t think that “no cook” would be the same, but it is!!  We opted for a basic flour and salt recipe, but there are many alternatives to the classic recipe, so make sure to check the linky below to check out all the amazing recipe ideas!! My recipe doesn’t require you to have huge strength or forearms — just a little stirring, and you have long lasting play dough for the kids!!

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Invitation to Play

We had a simple sensory time, while enhancing our conversational and practical life skills!  Both of the kids played for over an hour, and I know they will be using our fall colored no cook play dough for these autumn months.

I also added an extra sensorial element to our play dough.  It is scented, too!!  I prefer a lovely scent to the cooked salt and flour smell :)  I made the play dough the night before I put it out, and May got a sneak test. The yellow is lemon. The orange is orange. And the red is apple spice. Yum!!


I set up our yellow, orange, and red play dough on our kitchen table, along with some autumn elements that I picked up outside, put in little glass or wooden dishes.

flowers {sedum and black eyed susans}
wooden discs
wooden pegs and cups

DSC02813 DSC02814 DSC02816

Later on into the play, I realized that my son would want to cut and manipulate the no cook play dough, so I gave them both small wooden cutting boards and:

melon scooper
little knives

They were both excited, and happy, and content for over an hour. I hope to have this play set up at another small table in our kitchen, for them to be able to take everything out on their own. I want to create more of an environment where they can get things out, and clean up, on their own.

DSC02818 DSC02820

Best No Cook Play Dough


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 tbs cream of tarter
{1 kool-aid pack for scent or spice of your choosing}
food coloring as desired
1 1/2 tbs vegetable oil
1 cup boiling water


I made my recipe three times. I mixed the dry ingredients in each bowl, while bowling one cup of water at a time, and then added my oil and food coloring right before adding the water and stirring until well combined and the dough became a ball. I cannot reiterate enough how much easier making it this way is {versus cooking it in a big pot}. Making three colors and scents took about 10 minutes.

If you’re looking for a our gluten free play dough recipe, check out the wonderful recipe at Fun at Home with Kids — we used this recipe all the time when John was still reactive when touching gluten!

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12 months of Sensory Dough

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