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rainbows & racecars {with homemade edible paint}

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I am thrilled to have a guest post over at Teaching Mama today!  Today I am sharing a post that is very near and dear to me — we played with this homemade, edible paint the morning of my arm break!

It is bittersweet to see these pictures — knowing that I won’t be able to do an activity like this with my sweet ones for a while…  I have to baby my arm for ayleast another six weeks, but have begun occupational therapy and it looks like I’ll make a 90% recovery.  You can read more about my elbow breaking in half at: 85 things I’m thankful for {after breaking my arm}.

I hope you read my post at Teaching Mama!  Angela is a friend and fellow former teacher turned mama blogger.  I love her blog — it is filled with wonderful hands-on activities, ideas, and free printables for preschoolers.

Teaching Mama



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