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how to have fun at home with kids

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My son is usually shy about wanting to do “messy” sensory activities.  I may set something out for him to explore, and he may walk away or only be engaged for a few moments.  Having a book to hold has made a huge difference for him.  He can now hold 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids and say, “I want to do that, mom!!”  And he’s saying that he wants to do it with me!  Quality time together.  That is what this childhood is all about.  The laughs.  The time spent.  Some mess, but enjoyable, fun mess :)

I am always heading over to Fun at Home for Kids for fun sensory and play ideas to do with my kids.  And now, Asia Citro has written a book!!  Her blog’s ideas and recipes (plus so much more!) are all in the book, so now we can open it up and look together any time!!  All of the book’s activities are very well explained, and also, very attainable.  Most of the ingredients in her recipes include kitchen or pantry products that you would already have on hand.

The amount of fun that is in the amazing 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids is pretty unbelievable.  There is something for everyone.  And I say that sincerely.  Playing with slime and creating small worlds is just fun.  For parent and child.

Just starting the fun….

Here are just two fun ideas we have tried since opening our new book, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids, which we were given to review.

My children have enjoyed creating their own Discovery Bottles.  John and May both got to pick out what color they wanted and I set out materials for both children to fill their own bottle!  There are small parts involved in this activity, so ensure your child is supervised at all times.


And they have enjoyed painting using the Magic Expanding Paint to make beautiful masterpieces — both May and John enjoyed this!!  The recipe is in the book :)


This activity is great for kids who love to squeeze the glue bottle just a little too much — great to fine motor grasping skills too!!



I don’t know what is worse than wanting to do something, a spontaneous or a planned something, with my kids, and having to get out my computer (i.e. ignore them) and get online for a recipe or idea. I have tried making commitments to not taking out my big honking computer — we don’t have a tablet or a smart phone, not that that is “better,” but I’m sure they are easier to get on than a laptop — but ignoring my kids so that I can find a FUN ACTIVITY is not the best approach. WE ARE GOING TO DO A FUN ACTIVITY RIGHT NOW!!! But really the moment has passed and their sweet selves are onto the next thing….

But now, literally, it is all in one book.  All the guess work, all the, WHAT WAS THAT SITE/PIN AGAIN?! is now gone.  This is the book that every parent, and caretaker, needs to have.  And it’s only $12 right now!!


I looove the organization and table of contents in 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids.  Everything is laid out simply, and beautifully, for you to jump in and begin creating and enjoying time spent with your children.  Do you want to make…..

  • Slimes

  • Doughs

  • Paints

  • Small Worlds

  • Simple Sensory Activities

  • Do-It-Yourself Toys

It is all right there.  The table of contents labels each recipe or idea as whether or not it is Taste Safe and Gluten Free (many other allergen labels are included on every recipe too, see below!!).  This means a lot to me, as a parent of a child who was severely allergic to gluten for the first three and a half years of his life.  Thankfully, he has overcome his allergy, but I know many kids don’t, and being able to have a wide variety of choices that are clearly labeled is a groundbreaking step towards having sensory activities for all children. This includes a wonderful gluten free play dough that we love!!


The book and photos are gorgeous and inviting, and most importantly, do-able.  Each activity comes with variation ideas, so you can adapt the activity with new smells or colors or different tools.



150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids would make an amazing gift for any parent, grandparent, or babysitter of young children.  This is “the book that keeps on giving” — we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Each of the pages and activities looks so inviting, and we want to try them all!!

What’s more is that Asia has thought of a super-fun DIY gift that can be shared with friends!!  The book + a couple household items can equal loads of fun for children and the perfect gift for friends!  Check out her post on how to make a DIY Sensory Kit for Kids!!



Get it

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids is available worldwide.  If you don’t see a link for your country, email Asia at funathomewithkids@gmail.com and she will happily track one down for you!!

Amazon US Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Barnes and Noble /

From your local US bookstore / Book Depository / Fishpond AU


Fun at Home with Kids is giving away some super fun items that go along with activities in 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids.  Enter to win below!!

The winner will choose one of the following!!

  • Handmade Dinosaur World Felt Playmat
  • Handmade Doorway Puppet Theater
  • Set of 6 Empty and Prepped VOSS Discovery Bottles
  • Set of Sensory Wall Hoops

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I was provided a set of150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids in exchange for an honest review, opinions are always my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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